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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Joy of Polaroids


From the age I started taking pictures, I've always had a digital camera. The days when loading film was the only option was before my time, although I have done it plenty of times. While I only ever had digital cameras, my mum kept her film loaded ones for a long time and I loved using them. It was so exciting to carefully load film into the camera and not know what you were going to get until that film had been used, and developed.

Of course time has moved on, and the world we live in is now a digital one. We have folder after folder on our PCs and laptops of pictures we've taken, phones full of them too! But we hardly ever print them these days. I know I don't, I mean to, I say I'm going to, but I never get around to it.


I think it's why I've always loved Polaroids so much! When I was younger -I think early to mid teens, I had one of the big grey Polaroid cameras. I loved it!! It was my favourite thing and I took it everywhere. It makes me so sad that I now have none of the photos taken with it, they've somehow all been lost over the years. But the camera is still somewhere in the attic.

There is something so infinitely wonderful about Polaroids. The way they perfectly capture a moment how it is, unedited and unfiltered. You can't take 35 and choose the best one, that's it. You have it as it was meant to be. The fact you you also instantly have an image to hold in your hand is such a novel thing, and they have a feel to them that only Polaroids can give.

It seems that we've come full circle in a way. Vinyl is back and seems to be getting bigger, Polaroid cameras are as popular as ever and I think it's because we all kind of miss having something to hold in our hands. Digital is fine, but sometimes the old ways are they best and I'm so happy they're back.


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