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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A Little Life Update...


I realised last week that I had some pretty big news to update you on, but due to a whole bunch of different things, it's completely slipped my mind lately. Towards the end of last year, I told you how we were due to get married this October coming, how we were going to New York to do it, and how we were beyond excited. Well...that is sadly no longer happening. Don't worry! There's nothing wrong, and Paul and I are still very much in love. So, as sad as it was to make the decision to no longer go this year, it was the right one.

A few things in life had changed, and as you can't predict these events in life you just have to deal with it all as it comes. One of the biggest changes was the exchange rate. It meant that things were going to get much more expensive that we had originally planned for. And while we could have still manged, life wouldn't have been much fun in the mean time. Not doing as much to not waste money, just in case.

So, we have postponed...not cancelled, until next October. While that felt like forever away at the time, how long is a year these days, really? I mean, we're already about to step into June. It did feel like such a sad thing to do at the time, and as if it was never going to happen, but it was the right decision. It didn't take very long to realise that, in fact. So that's why there haven't been any wedding related posts up here. But there definitely will be as we start to kick off the planning again, later this year. I want to document all that I can, so I hope you'll enjoy coming along with us.

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