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Friday, 2 June 2017

Made Me Happy This Week


Today, I was supposed to be out for the day with my grandma, for a little shopping, a little lunch and a wander around town. But these plans have changed and instead, I've spent today getting ahead with work, doing some house work -which to be honest needed done so it's maybe a blessing in disguise, and nipping out to run a few errands. So all in all it's been a productive day and it means I can go into the weekend with nothing but free time. Paul's mum and dad are back from their holiday, so tomorrow night we'll be seeing them for a little catch up. And Sunday, we have all to ourselves, the whole lazy day to do whatever we want! And seeing as we're picking up our new TV tonight, I think that will end up being binge watching Marvel shows on Netflix.

1. Bank holiday Mondays and the extra day of weekend they bring with them.

2. A VR games night with my brother and his girlfriend. We had fajitas, ALL the snacks, and Paul even got to be a ghost buster.

3. Rediscovering the Elvive clay range, it's fantastic for getting as many days as possible between washes and stopping your hair looking greasy.

4. I've discovered the Instagram filters this week and we've been spending far too much time playing with them.

5. Rainbow pyjamas.

6. We've been buying Snack a Jacks again, and i forgot how much I like the sweet chilli flavour. Those and the salt and vinegar are my favourite.

7. The new Pirates of the Caribbean film...its SO good! I'm so happy there's a new one out, I've missed them.

8. Finally getting a pair of white Converse. I'm not sure why it's take me so long but I now have a pair, just in time for summer.

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