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Friday, 30 June 2017

My Birthday


Instead of the usual list of happy things that finds it way here on a Friday, I wanted to do something a little different. It's just for today and really it's because over the past week, I've had too many happy things to condense into a short list, and that's such a lovely feeling to have. So get your self a cup of tea, because it's probably going to be a long one.

Last Sunday, June 25th, was my birthday. I think I mentioned last week that I wasn't sure exactly what was happening on the day or around it, but it ended up being what I can honestly say, was one of the best days I've ever had. The whole day, from start to finish was perfect -a strong word, I know, but it really was.

I woke up, bright and early to the smell of waffles and hot coffee, and to Paul singing happy birthday. He had made us breakfast in bed, and not just cereal or toast. He'd made funfetti waffles, with cream cheese frosting, fresh raspberries and the best maple syrup. Oh...and extra sprinkles on top. I think the fact the we had it in bed made it even better. As soon as I'd finished Paul passed me this large bag full of things to open. They were the most thoughtful gifts I've ever been given, he had taken so much time, put in so much thought and effort, and within 5 minutes I was in tears. My favourite one by far was in a little wooden box. In the box, written out on the brown paper luggage tags where reasons he loves me, after reading three of them I was crying! He'd also bought me a Canon A-1 camera, and some film to play with. We took some pictures on the day, but I'm not sure exactly how they'll turn out seeing as I'd never used it before. Along with more Polaroid film, a huge pack of Sharpies, and some other little things, I was definitely spoiled.


After breakfast we got up to get ready, and when I went downstairs I found the most amazing decorations. There was a tassel garland in gold and pastel shades, pretty fan type things hanging from the lights, our gold happy birthday balloons, and confetti balloons all over the living room. Also, a whole load of confetti everywhere, from one of the balloons bursting! I love decorations, any excuse to decorate the house and I will, so it makes me sad that it's all been tidied away now. 

As the day went on, Paul couldn't really hide what was going on anymore. The main giveaway, and really the most obvious clue, were the two bags of charcoal for the BBQ that were sitting at the back door. He came clean, told me everything and I was 1, SO excited for everyone to come up, and 2, very impressed with everyone's secret keeping...sneaky people. 

By 2pm, everyone had started to arrive and to make sure she didn't miss out with being on holiday at the time, Paul had printed out a picture of my mum and put her on a stick.

I was completely spoiled by everyone there. I was given so many wonderful, amazing gifts, so many thoughtful heartwarming cards, and the effort that each one of them went to for me, for the day, just went to prove what beautiful people we have in our life. The best friends, most wonderful just made me feel so happy, and still does. Oh and the effect I mentioned, that also came in the form of food! Honestly, you have never seen so much food for one BBQ, everyone went overboard, and I'm still not 100% on who made or brought what. But seriously, it was a feast...a very tasty (wish we had it more often) feast.

The evening ended just as perfectly as the day had been. After everyone had gone, all the food had been put away -we had lots of left overs, always a bonus. Rubbish was put out, and the house was somehow actual miracle if you ask me. Paul and I got into pyjamas and cuddles up on the sofa with a mug of tea. Paul had been on his feet all day, cooking, tidying, making sure everything was perfect, so he was in need of a sit down. We were even too full for cake! But don't worry, we had ours the next day. 

The whole few days this week have been wonderful, not just my actual birthday. Paul and I had a day out in Edinburgh on Monday, we did a little shopping, tried some of the best pizza I've ever had and had BBQ left overs for dinner. It's also been one of those times when you're enjoying yourself so much that you forget to pick up your camera. While I do wish I'd taken a couple of specific pictures, of the cake, the balloons, everyone else was snapping away so we have a lot of candid shots to look back at. As well as a pile of Polaroids, they're definitely my favourites.

Well done if you've made it to the end, and thank you so much if you're one of the sweet people who send me a birthday message, you helped make the day extra special.



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  1. Yay sounds like you had such a good day!! Happy belated birthday! :)


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