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Friday, 28 July 2017

Made Me Happy This Week

You know your a grown up when the highlight of your week is a piece of furniture arriving. The reason it's more exciting that most is that we were actually supposed to have it before Easter! Yes, I know,'s nearly August. There was a mix up at the time, and it's kind of a long story, but thankfully it's here now and I'm a very happy girl. I also can't believe it's the weekend again, the past few weeks have flown by! Tomorrow we're having people up for dinner, and on Sunday I think Paul and I might go plant shopping. It's fast becoming one of our favourite things to do.

1. Our new Crosley record player, it's the most beautiful dark jewel green colour.

2. The almost stormy weather this evening, it's so dark and grey, but so nice and cosy indoors.

3. Raspberries every morning this week for breakfast.

4. I made raspberry curd for the very first time this week, it turned out really well! I'm sure it'll be here soon.

5. Having a bath with a Lush bath bomb, then getting out into a fresh fluffy towel. Then, getting into just washed pyjamas and then just washed sheets...heaven!

6. Night's snuggled up on the sofa with Paul and Sookie

7. No make-up days.

8. How big our apples are getting this year, I can't wait to get baking with them again!

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Easy Nutella and Raspberry Ice-Cream


Since I started making ice-cream, I've always done it the long way. With the custard base, heating, cooling and churning in the ice-cream machine. While it's worth all the effort in the end when you have a tub of tasty ice-cream, sometimes you just want an easier alternative...and I have that for you here! And, you won't believe how good it is!

I found it by accident, I wasn't even looking to make ice-cream at the time. I think it was New Years Eve, and I'd spent most of the day out trying to find double cream, with absolutely no luck at all! Eventually, I had to drag other people in to help. Luckily my friend somehow managed to find some on his travels, but because he had no idea how much I wanted and because he couldn't get me on the phone...he brought me quite a lot! A few days later I was Googling ways to use it up, and I found that you can make ice-cream with double cream and condensed milk! The quantities are different for each recipe, but for ease and to have no waste, I used one of the huge tubs of cream (600ml), and a tin of condensed milk. I threw in some left over Christmas chocolate and that was it...everyone LOVED it, and I've been trying it with anything I can think of since then.


Today I'm combining my two favourite things for this recipe...Nutella, and raspberries. We went berry picking recently and as usual, I picked way more raspberries than we could realistically get through, so I wanted to make a few things to help use them up instead of sickening ourselves with them. We also had quite a lot of Nutella in the cupboard, and there are few combinations I like as much as raspberries with Nutella. I originally thought of making my raspberry cheesecake ice-cream again, but I wanted to try something new.

Anyway, enough of me rambling, on to the recipe...

600ml double cream
1 397g tin of condensed milk
1 cup of Nutella (softened) -around 300g
1/4 cup of melted Nutella -around 75g
300g of fresh or frozen raspberries

-Pour the double cream into a large bowl and whisk until it thickens slightly, don't make it too thick, you still want it runny. Add in the condensed milk and mix that through.

- Add in the cup of softened Nutella, and mix until fully combined. 

- Pour half of your chocolaty mix into your (freezer safe) container of choice. Spread it out so it's level, and then start to marble half of your left over melted Nutella into the mixture. Add half of the raspberries, spacing them out quite evenly, and then repeat with the second layer.

- Freeze overnight or for at least 4 hours, then serve and enjoy...maybe with extra Nutella! 

This is amazing on it's own, and it's definitely something I'm going to have to make more of so we don't run out! You could replace the berries with a raspberry sauce or coolis. But I do love the combination of sweet creamy chocolate with the burst of freshness from the berries. It really is the best treat on these warm summer days. 


Friday, 21 July 2017

Made Me Happy This Week

Do you know what I've noticed this week? How little bit of Autumn -or Fall, are starting to creep into stores. Now I know, we still have a while to go before Summers over, but I'll forever be a girl in love with Autumn, so it's hard for me not to let my head run away with thoughts of what's around the corner. But anyway, back to now. We had Sookie at the vets again this week, for another check up, she seems to be doing well and is back to her happy little self. We just have to keep an eye of her for any changes that could be a bad sign.

1. Adding a bag of Costa coffee to our growing collection. I'm not sure why it's taken so long to do seeing as Costa's my favourite.

2. Each morning we look out into the garden we have more poppies, mostly red, but some are a beautiful bright pink!

3. Finding some tiny terracotta pots in the sale for 50p!

4. Some of the things Paul comes out with, he really does make me laugh!

5. Misty evenings.

6. That peaceful time first thing in the morning when the sun is just starting to come up. Not a time I'm usually awake, but it's lovely to see when I am.

7. Tiny herb post that Paul planted this week. I'll be happy to have them in the kitchen again.

8. A sunny evening spent with Paul's family, and their new addition, Alfie. He a crazy little dog, but he fit's right in.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Made Me Happy This Week


In all honesty, the last two haven't been the happiest and at times it's been difficult to focus on even the smallest of happy things. The Tuesday before last, Sookie went in for an operation, which is scary in it's self because she so small and it's always a worry. But what was going to be a straight forward hernia repair, turned into her having a large tumour removed. She's been recovering since then, and I'm pleased to say she's now back to her happy crazy little self. While we still have to wait and see how things go, I am determined to stay positive and think the best things. And give her all the cuddles we can!

1. A new plant that I've to try not to kill! It's so unusual and in the most beautiful little pot. It was a give from my mum yesterday, so lets hope it's still here in a few months time. It's currently living it's life in our downstairs bathroom

2. The fact that Asda now sell Nutella B-ready snack bars...I'm so so happy about this!

3. Getting to be very creative with birthday cake decorations. It's my brothers girlfriends birthday tomorrow, and her request was anything rainbow and colourful...oh, and moogle related. I still have to put it all together but I;m pleased with it all.

4. Quiet rainy evenings after days of sunshine.

5. Our new rug! It's 100% wool so sheds more than a large dog would, but I love it. It's so cosy and comfy on your feet.

6. Discovering what is now my very favourite garden centre, we already can't wait to go back.

7. Paul enjoying the first cherry from our tree this year.

8. Planning my terrarium. I've really very excited about it.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

NARS Bord De Plage Palette


Being the pale skinned person that I am, it's not often that a highlighting bronzing palette catches my eye the way this one has, but the moment I spotted this beautiful thing on Instagram I knew it had to be mine! It was one of those products you see, and want so much that you don't even feel the need to look for reviews or hears other peoples thoughts before you click 'order'. And Nars is a brand you know is going to deliver in terms of quality, so that was never a worry.

The reason I'm not normally drawn in by these types of palettes, is because more often than not, they're very gold in tone. Golden highlighters and shimmery bronzers, not things I like on me. This palette however, has four highlighters, the lightest one Rivage, is a beautiful champagne colour, and then there is Corniche, which is much more pinky in tone. Both stunning, and while the two gold powders - Crique and Galet, aren't shades I'd normally go for in highlighters, when applied lightly they give a subtle summer glow! 


The other two powders in the palette are bronzers, Laguna and Casino. I've been a long time fan of Laguna, it was one of the very first bronzers I ever owned and I find it's never looked orange or muddy on me. Casino I've never tried, but have wanted to for a while with it being that little bit deeper, it should be a nice one for summer. 

I'm very pleased with this palette, I love all six shades -which isn't something I can say very often. And they all look just as beautiful on the eyes as they do on the cheeks, so when summers over and I've lost my teenie tiny bit of a tan, I'll still be able to find a use for this absolutely gorgeous thing!

Oh...and just a quick note of appreciation for the packaging? It's stunning! Not just the matt black cardboard outer which feels lovely and looks just as nice with the copper lettering. But the burnished metal top of the palette it's self, well, I love it almost as much as what's inside. 
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