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Friday, 14 July 2017

Made Me Happy This Week


In all honesty, the last two haven't been the happiest and at times it's been difficult to focus on even the smallest of happy things. The Tuesday before last, Sookie went in for an operation, which is scary in it's self because she so small and it's always a worry. But what was going to be a straight forward hernia repair, turned into her having a large tumour removed. She's been recovering since then, and I'm pleased to say she's now back to her happy crazy little self. While we still have to wait and see how things go, I am determined to stay positive and think the best things. And give her all the cuddles we can!

1. A new plant that I've to try not to kill! It's so unusual and in the most beautiful little pot. It was a give from my mum yesterday, so lets hope it's still here in a few months time. It's currently living it's life in our downstairs bathroom

2. The fact that Asda now sell Nutella B-ready snack bars...I'm so so happy about this!

3. Getting to be very creative with birthday cake decorations. It's my brothers girlfriends birthday tomorrow, and her request was anything rainbow and colourful...oh, and moogle related. I still have to put it all together but I;m pleased with it all.

4. Quiet rainy evenings after days of sunshine.

5. Our new rug! It's 100% wool so sheds more than a large dog would, but I love it. It's so cosy and comfy on your feet.

6. Discovering what is now my very favourite garden centre, we already can't wait to go back.

7. Paul enjoying the first cherry from our tree this year.

8. Planning my terrarium. I've really very excited about it.

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  1. Aw no thats so sad to here, I hope she gets better soon! x


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