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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

NARS Bord De Plage Palette


Being the pale skinned person that I am, it's not often that a highlighting bronzing palette catches my eye the way this one has, but the moment I spotted this beautiful thing on Instagram I knew it had to be mine! It was one of those products you see, and want so much that you don't even feel the need to look for reviews or hears other peoples thoughts before you click 'order'. And Nars is a brand you know is going to deliver in terms of quality, so that was never a worry.

The reason I'm not normally drawn in by these types of palettes, is because more often than not, they're very gold in tone. Golden highlighters and shimmery bronzers, not things I like on me. This palette however, has four highlighters, the lightest one Rivage, is a beautiful champagne colour, and then there is Corniche, which is much more pinky in tone. Both stunning, and while the two gold powders - Crique and Galet, aren't shades I'd normally go for in highlighters, when applied lightly they give a subtle summer glow! 


The other two powders in the palette are bronzers, Laguna and Casino. I've been a long time fan of Laguna, it was one of the very first bronzers I ever owned and I find it's never looked orange or muddy on me. Casino I've never tried, but have wanted to for a while with it being that little bit deeper, it should be a nice one for summer. 

I'm very pleased with this palette, I love all six shades -which isn't something I can say very often. And they all look just as beautiful on the eyes as they do on the cheeks, so when summers over and I've lost my teenie tiny bit of a tan, I'll still be able to find a use for this absolutely gorgeous thing!

Oh...and just a quick note of appreciation for the packaging? It's stunning! Not just the matt black cardboard outer which feels lovely and looks just as nice with the copper lettering. But the burnished metal top of the palette it's self, well, I love it almost as much as what's inside. 

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