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Friday, 11 August 2017

Made Me Happy This Week


This week has been truly lovely, in every sense of the word, and thankfully it's not over yet. Some highlights have been a day at the Edinburgh Fringe, eating pizza, having afternoon tea in beautiful places, wondering around markets and enjoying what for the most part, has been gorgeous weather. I love these weeks. When you are completely free and can spend some time playing tourist in your own back garden, visiting places you don't think to normally. And it's not over yet, we still have the weekend.

1. Paul getting a promotion at work! I'm so proud of him.

2. Spending slow Sundays finding new Netflix series with Paul.

3. Soaking up the atmosphere in Edinburgh when the Fringe is on. There's no where better to be in August.

4. Sitting on the sofa for an evening with Paul, talking about and making some of the most exciting plans of our life. All still to come, but we can't wait!

5. Spending the day out with my new/old camera. I've been reading a lot on how to use it, the setting etc, but until we develop the film we just wont know. Fingers crossed!

6.  Nutella dough balls, after pizza at our favourite place.

7. Cutting back the apple trees a little, to discover just how many apples there are this year. We already have people placing orders for some.

8. The little signs of Autumn creeping in everywhere you look.


  1. It's definitely on my bucket list to be in Edinburgh for fringe!

  2. Yes to Autumn creeping in! It's creeping in here in Virginia too and I'm loving every minute of it. Congrats to Paul on his promotion!


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