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Friday, 18 August 2017

Made Me Happy This Week


Can someone please explain to me how it's the weekend again. I swear each time I write one of these, the time between them gets shorter and shorter. Tomorrow might be the weekend, but it doesn't feel like it for us this week. Paul's working all day Saturday, and I have to go into Edinburgh for a few hours, and not for fun, for appointments. So instead we're having our weekend on Sunday and Monday. We have a Marvel series marathon planned for Sunday, and then a little bit of adventuring on Monday -which I hope involves plant shopping. 

1. Noticing signs of Autumn everywhere now. Nearly ripe apples on trees, leaves changing colour, colder mornings. I can't quite believe it's almost here, but I'm happy that it is.

2. Sookie having another all clear appointment at the vets this morning.

3. Nature Valley Maple Syrup Bars, they are so good! Sadly we're running out so I'll have to pick up some more soon.

4. Picking our first lot of apple from our trees this year. I'm so pleased with how well they're doing now, especially because of how unloved and overgrown they were when we moved in.

5. Dancing around the house with Paul to all sorts of music.

6. P!NK's new song, it's here if you haven't had a listen yet.

7. The sound of heavy rain on the windows.

8. Having to take all the old pound coins out of our wedding jar because I refuse to break it open yet. Sounds like a pain, but was oddly satisfying to do.


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