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Friday, 8 September 2017

Made Me Happy This Week


This weeks we've had a few very rainy, very cloudy days, and that has made it feel much darker earlier in the evening than it normally would. I've been making the absolute most of this and have had all the candles and fairy lights lit that I could find. It's been so wonderful and cosy, and I'd kind of missing it now that things have brightened up again. This weekend Paul and I have a few errands to run, and tomorrow morning we might head out to a farmers market to see what we can find. A nice easy weekend to look forward to.

1. Finding a white fluffy stool to go with my dressing table, seeing as I can't get hold of the original 1960's one. Although it's actually a footstool, it fits perfectly and looks fantastic.

2. Costa's raspberry lemonade.

3. How excited my mum is about our wedding trip to New York next year. She keeps coming up with things she can't wait to do, and see, and how much she's looking forward to doing them with us. It's making me even more excited than I already was -if that's even possible.

4. Edinburgh early in the morning.

5. Finally getting to wear some of my new knitwear on the colder days. I love feeling all wrapped up.

6. Autumn colours everywhere you look.

7. Making plans for my grandmas 80th birthday this month. I can't quite believe she's going to be 80 years old. She didn't want anything big -like a party, so I think Paul and I are taking her out for the day.

8. Sookies face when you mention chocolate buttons -doggy friendly ones of course! She'll do anything for one!

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