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Monday, 30 October 2017

An Autumn Wardrobe Update


Autumn and winter are my absolute favourite seasons to update my wardrobe for. If I'm being honest, I could happily go through Spring and Summer without buying a single thing, surviving on t-shirts, jeans, jumpsuits and converse that I already own. But when the colder months roll around I want almost everything in the stores! I love it all. The layering options, the knitwear that I would wear everyday of my life if I could, and the coats -I do love a good coat. Over the last few weeks I've picked up a few lovely things that I can now finally start wearing and I'm so happy about it.


The first proper cold weather purchase I made this year was the cropped striped jumper from Zara. I actually picked it up weeks ago when I was shopping with C, and it was painful to watching it hanging on the rail at home while it was still too warm to wear it. It's feels such good quality, really thick and a good weight, so although it's cropped, it'll keep you lovely and warm. Then from cropped to massively over sized, and again from Zara. It's such a lovely cosy jumper, a big roll neck, nice and fluffy but not itchy wool. If you are looking to pick up some nice knitwear from this season, I'd definitely recommend Zara.


I've been after one of these denim jackets for over a year now. Each time I found one to try on, I just didn't like it, it didn't sit right for one reason or another. I found this one in Topshop recently and assumed it would be much the same, so didn't hold out much hope when trying it on. But I was wrong, it fits just how I'd like it to and the Borg lining makes it one of the cosiest jackets I own. Also, my "Jar of Fucks" pin now has somewhere to sit. And can we just take a moment to appreciate how wonderful that pin is!

A blanket scarf is always something I like to have in my wardrobe and this orangey brown one is different to any I have already. Asos scarves are great value for money, this one was only £18, and I have another that I've had for years now, it's been worn to death and still looks great. And last but not least are my paper bag top trousers from Topshop. Topshop always do great trousers, I have a similar pair to these in a plain grey, so when I spotted this checked pair I ordered them straight away. Because I have quite a high waist, I find this style of trouser the most flattering on me. They look great with shirts, t-shirts, heels and flats, and I love to style them with my leather jacket.

Have you picked up any new things this season that you can't wait to wear?

Products mentioned...

Zara cropped jumper - £29.99
Zara oversized jumper - £39.99
Asos scarf - £18
Topshop trousers (similar) - £42
Topshop jacket - £65
Jar pin - £6


  1. Haha I looove that pin! I really need a new big blanket scarf x

  2. I love those pieces! They're really nice :)

  3. Ohhh.... I'm loving the dreamy Autumn vibe.


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