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Friday, 13 October 2017

Made Me Happy This Week


We're just under two weeks into October, and while I feel we've been quite reserved with our Halloween buying so far, it's getting harder to be. We've picked up a few bits from Homesence and Tkmaxx, but now the supermarkets are stepping things up and I'm having to not look in the seasonal isle because I want everything! Especially in Sainsburys. How we left with only milk and onions is beyond me. One thing we still don't have however are pumpkins. Our new french doors got delivered this week and they aren't being fitted until Sunday, meaning the extension is kind of out of use -so no pumpkin carving quite yet. Oh...and how could I forget, it's Friday the 13th! Have you had anything spooky happen to you yet?

1. Woodland walks on late Autumn afternoons, the light is honestly one of my favourites things.

2. Constant photo updates of what my mum is planning for her Christmas decorations this year. She's forgoing the standard green tree and going for one of those bare twiggy ones. I think I'll look lovely.

3. A new cushion I found in TKmaxx that is all things I love. It's teal, velvet and has pom poms!

4. Plum and oat cake, a new favourite of mine that I might give a try at home. It tastes sort of like flapjacks.

5. Balloons arriving for Paul's birthday. I've been buying little bits and hiding them for the last few weeks. His birthday isn't until December, but I like to be organised.

6. Cookie Butter Oreos! Yes. I haven't opened them yet so I can't comment on how they taste but I'm bloody excited to try them.

7. Getting the heavy Winter quilt out. I feel like we're doing it a little earlier than usual but we've had a few cold nights lately.

8. Pumpkin vanilla hand cream, a gift from Paul's mum. It's leaving my hands smelling gorgeous and feeling nice and soft.

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