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Friday, 27 October 2017

Made Me Happy This Week


Today has been one of the most productive days Paul and I have had in a long time! We were up and out early, Paul had an eye test, we ran a bunch of errands in town, bought all of our Christmas cards. Then home to tidy the garden, take photos for two blog posts, one of which was very difficult to get, but we managed, write one for Sunday, and now I'm writing this. It's a good feeling, and will make our lazy night feel even better. Because it's Halloween weekend, we will be carving pumpkins on Sunday. My brother and his girlfriend are coming round because she has never done it before -never! So that should be fun. Also. Can you believe there are only a few days left until the Bake Off final!  

1. Painting my little nieces face for her Halloween disco. She wanted to be a broken doll and she looked amazing when she was all dressed up, socks and all.

2. Thor Ragnarok, it was amazing! Maybe one of my favourite Marvel films so far...but that's a hard to say for definite.

3. Anthropologie at the moment, it's full of so many amazing things.

4. Green Tobasco Sauce, it's so hard to find sometimes, but it's so good with mac n cheese. Which we will be making on Tuesday for Halloween night. 

5. My new boots. A bargain from Asda at £25!

6. Stopping for cheeseburgers, just after midnight, on a long drive home from the Enchanted Forest. 

7. Stocking up on pumpkins, and climbing through the containers to find the best ones.

8. The fact that we're having curry for dinner tonight! 


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  1. I really want to go and see the new Thor movie - heard great things! x


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