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Monday, 16 October 2017

Tea Light Ghosts - Halloween DIY


Halloween will be here in just under two weeks time, and while I'm struggling a little to accept that fact, I am still very excited! Our collection of Halloween decorations is something we like to add to each year. Just as we do with Christmas, we like to pick up a couple of really nice bits each time the seasons roll around and we've built up a pretty good selection so far, but there's always room for more.

A couple of years ago now, I made these Christmas gift tags with air drying clay. They were really simple to do, and I had planned to make more but as things got tidied away and moved around over time, I forgot all about the left over clay. I came across it again a couple of weeks ago, and after being shocked that it hadn't dried out, I started to think of what I could use it for. Paul and I talked about it for a while, we considered making more gift tags (which I might still do), but then Paul thought ghosts! Ghosts are white, they clay is white -perfect!

These are honestly the easiest decoration you can make, but they are so effective and look as good as any you've bought when they're lit up at night. Also a fantastic one for you to make with kids, the longest and most boring part is having to wait days for them to dry. I haven't tried using these with normal tea lights, but to be honest I wouldn't risk it. If you are going to make them, please be safe and use the battery operated ones.

You will need:
Air drying clay
Rolling pin
Cling film
Non stick mat
Piping nozzle/straw -anything to make eye holes
Things to shape you ghosts over


- Choose the items you want to shape your ghosts over. Eggs in egg cups, novelty salt and pepper shakers, glasses, ornaments, small bottles or condiments -anything you like. Once you have them, wrap them in cling film, this protects what your using and makes the ghosts easier to remove when they're dry.

- Take some of the clay, around a golf ball sized amount or more and knead it in your hands a little to warm it up. Place it on your mat and roll out into a circular shape, but you don't have to be perfect with this.

- Take the circle of clay and place it over your chosen item, moving it around until your happy with the shape. When you are, all you need to do it give it little face. I used a piping nozzle for the larger ghosts, and simply made holes with a knife on the smaller ones.

- When you have made, shaped and given features to as many little ghosts as you like, you just have to leave them to dry. It will depend on the clay you're using -mine was 4-5 days, but I'd add an extra day to be safe.

And that's all you have to do, your little ghosts will be ready to light up any room on Halloween. You could of course paint them, add glitter or give them any extra features but I think there is something lovely about them just the way they are, marks, lines and all.



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