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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Trying Foundations for our Wedding


Today, it's exactly one year until Paul and I get married. This time October 2018, we will be in New York, together with the people we love most in the world, and I hope having the most wonderful time. It feels as if a countdown has now officially begun! Tonight we will be emailing the photographer to go over our plans and what we'd like for the day. Soon, looking to tick of any big things we still have to do, such as book an officiant, and organise any little things like flowers. It was a sad thing when we decided to moved it from this year until next, but I can't quite believe how quickly it's come around, and everything has fallen perfectly into place, so it really was the best decision.

One thing I have thought all along, is that I'd like to do my own make-up. I'm no make up artist, but seeing as we'll be in another country without much time for trials before the day itself, it's seemed like the safest things to do (famous last words?). And who knows your face better than you do, right? I'm hoping this will still be the case in a years time, plus a year gives me plenty of time to practice, and figure out exactly what I'd like to do.

I was out in Edinburgh recently with my friend, we were coat shopping for him and having a good look around at clothes and Christmas decoration. While we were there, and surrounded by make up counters, I thought I'd start collecting some foundations samples and quizzing the people on the counters about wedding make up. If I'd thought about this before going, I would have done my own research and made a point of going to a set few counters, but seeing as I didn't, brands were kind of chosen at random. Which was actually quite nice, and has maybe given me choices I wouldn't have thought of before. We spoke to some lovely girls. They were so helpful, gave us plenty of  their time and answered all the questions we had, and I left with some really great sized samples. The girl we spoke to on the YSL counter even gave me a mini primer that cost around £10 to buy. I left with enough of each foundation to give them all a proper trial. And, the amazingly friendly woman on the By Terry counter gave me a full set of base products! I left her with a serum, a primer, two foundations to try, and a setting powder. She said, "if you're going to try a foundation, you may as well try it with the rest of the base products" - a very good point.


The samples I picked up were:

Estee Lauder -
Double Wear Foundation

YSL  -
All Hours Foundation,
Touche Eclat Foundation
Blur Primer
Moisture Glow Primer

Fenty Beauty Foundation

By Terry  -
Hyaluronic Hydra Primer
Opulent Foundation
Cover Expert Foundation
Cellularose Brightening Serum
Hyaluronic Powder

Sisley -
PhytoTeint Expert Foundation
Sisleya Le Teint Foundation
Phyto Cernes Eclat Concealer

So far, I've only tried out the By Terry Cover Expert, which I like but am not 100% sure of -although I love the setting powder! I'm planning on testing them all out, making notes of how they wear and how I like to apply them, and hopefully somewhere down the line I'll have my very favourite foundation, that will look wonderful on our wedding day. I think I'll still do a little online research and pick up another few when I'm next in Edinburgh. And even if these are all complete fails for me, it's still fun to try them out, and is another little things that helps build excitement for next year. Now that wedding plans have started again, I'd love to take you along with anything I can, so I'll hopefully have a few more wedding related posts up over the next year. And if there's anything specific you'd like a post on, please let me know.

Do you have any recommendations that would be good for a wedding day? I'd love to hear them if you do.


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