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Friday, 3 November 2017

Made Me Happy This Week


The Halloween decorations have been packed away, so whether you're ready to hear it or not, after this's officially Christmas!! Unless of course you're in the US, in which case you still have Thanks Giving to go, but here (and in my mind), it's Christmas. Today I picked up a second advent calendar for Paul. I've already bought him a Reeses one, but then I found a cereal calendar in Tesco, so I had to get it. If Paul could eat nothing but cereal for every meal, he would. Also, how crazy is the advent calendar market this year, I swear if you can think of it, there's a calendar for it. Are you going to any Bonfires event's this weekend? I think we are going to one quite local to us, so I'm looking forward to that.

1. Costa's Christmas range is out and I couldn't be happier about it. Even though they've taken away the orange hot chocolate, which was my favourite.

2. Our little Halloween evening, full of cake, treats, mac n cheese and wonderful people.

3. The clocks going back, you have to love that extra hour in bed.

4. Our collection of pumpkins -and Paul's pineapple. They looked amazing all lit up, I was so pleased with how they all turned out.

5. How the temperature has dropped this week, it's cold. I mean, you need a coat kind of cold. I love how much more cozy everything feels.

6. Christmas jumpers everywhere! I'd really like to get one this year, Paul has three now so I need to catch up.

7. Ordering Christmas tea from Bluebird Co. Snowball is my absolute favourite!

8. Homemade soup with lot's of crusty bread and butter. It's the best meal on cold nights.

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  1. I'm not ready for Christmas just yet but I am still loving all the Autumn feels! I really need to pick up some advent calendars! x


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