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Friday, 17 November 2017

Made Me Happy This Week


Well, it's happened. The season where I am most definitely more hot chocolate than human is here, and so far it's been very tasty! Also, I've found that having marshmallows with your hot chocolate is so much more enjoyable when you toast them a little. Apart from making hot chocolates, this week has been a very productive one. Bit's and pieces we wanted to get for the house have been bought, still a few to get but we're getting there. With the addition of curtains to the living room, along with new cushions, it's all starting to feel very cosy and even more homely than before.

1. All of our new cushions, a bargain from TKMAxx -I bloody love that store!

2. Finishing the painting in the extension and putting the room back in order. I'm so happy it's done, it was starting to really bother me.

3. I finally own a Christmas jumper! I know, it's about time, but now I'm worried it'll start an obsession. And I have to say, I went for quite an understated one to start with.

4. Hearing that it could snow soon. I'm not sure if I believe them, but it's exciting to think that it could.

5. Filling one of our Christmas jars with Reeses Christmas bells. Yes, it's completely unnecessary, but if you can't be ridiculous at Christmas, then when can you?

6. Having McDonald's for dinner on one of those nights when it's cold, late, and you just want to get home. We don't do it very often, so it tastes even better when we do.

7. Burning the last of my salted caramel candle, it's my absolute favourite scent for this time of year.

8. Pink and orange coloured sky as the sun begins to rise.

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  1. Omg can't believe it's your first Christmas jumper! I love mine, it definitely will turn into an addiction! x


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