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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

November Goals


This maybe should have gone up at the very beginning of the month, however, now we're a week in, I feel I have a much better idea of what I want to achieve this month. November and December feel like the busiest months of the year -and well, they are! But they are also the months I enjoy the most! There is so much more to see and do, if you want to get out and about, but then they are also the best months to spend some time relaxing at home. Everything feels so much more cosy and it's good to also enjoy some downtime, so you don't over do it.

So with that being said, I'm going to try and make November the month that's full of things I have to do, tasks that need tackled, and to-do lists that need ticked off. Hopefully, by doing this, December will still be a busy month, but instead of the have to do's, it'll be full off all the fun things we want to do. Or at least that's the idea, wish me luck!

So, here's my sort of to-do list for this month...

Christmas Blog Posts: Paul's off of a huge chunk of December this year, and the last week in November. He took the holidays so we could make the most of the Christmas season, do some shopping, go see some shows, visit the markets and just be the most festive we can be. I'm hoping this includes a lot of cheese and crackers too. So, I want to get as organised as I can, so that come December, I have most of the Christmas post scheduled to go up. I start off thinking this way every year, but then Christmas sneaks up on you and before you've realised, the times gone! But not this year, this year I'm going to manage it.

Christmas Presents: I am SO behind this year with Christmas shopping. I know some people who don't start their shopping until December, but for me -someone who starts in April, it feels wrong. By the end of this month I want to have detailed lists, of what we are getting for everyone. And to have substantially added to the tiny collection of presents that are already hidden away.

Living Room Curtains: We finally have living room curtains!! Well, kind of. We decorated this room over three years ago now, and we just never got round to getting any. For a while we didn't notice, we didn't miss them, but now we do, it feels bare and unfinished. This the month! We have found them, but we need a longer length so that we are able to have them taken up. We've waited so long that I want to make sure this happens before November is out.

Paul's Birthday Organisation: Paul is so excited for his birthday, as am I. We like to try and make the most of them each year, it doesn't have to be something huge or extravagant, but it's nice to make them special and really get as much for the time as you can. We have two days planned this year. One is a little party in the house, family and friends will be up, there will be food and drink, it should be a really nice afternoon. The second day Paul wants to spend just the two of us, he wants us to go out somewhere for the day, which will be lovely, as it always is. This month though, I want to get completely organised for it! I want to know all the food I need to buy or make, to make sure his gifts are all bought, wrapped and hidden, and that I'm organised with his cake and decorations. OH! And I need to get a card.

Painting: Paul's dad recently fitted lovely new french doors for us, and got rid of the horrible old brown wooden thing that was there before. It's so much warmer, its so much brighter -we love them. But, he did this just before Halloween and because we were having people up on different nights, I put the room back together and completely forgot that the wall still needs repainting. It's not a big job, but I'd like to get it out the way.

Christmas Jumpers: I think I've said this for two years now, and failed both times. I am the biggest fan of Christmas you will ever come across, but I'm yet to own a Christmas jumper. Each year I say I'm going to get one, but then never do. This is the year I am finally going to get one that I love. I've already seen quite a few so I need to narrow it down first.

Exercise!: I have totally, and completely fallen off the wagon when it comes to exercise this year. I was doing so well, I was making sure to work out regularly for the first few months, but then it kind of trailed off and I've done basically zero for months now. I want to get back into it in November, I want to get over the initial "uuurrrggggghhh" of having to do it, so by December it's just part of my week. It'll also stop me feeling guilty for eating all the cheese and chocolate.

Instagram: Just like with the exercise, I've not been very active on Instagram for a few months now either. I want to get back into it, I want to be a lot more active and have a lot more content going up. I didn't mean to kind of give up on it. The first few months of the year it started to delete my images, crash constantly so I couldn't upload, and freeze when I was trying to edit an image. I love Instagram, but it pissed me off so much that I ended up forgetting about it. and I've missed it, so be ready for a lot more from me on there.

A Little Decorating: This one I don't know of I'll manage (although I'll stay hopeful), but I'd like to give our hall a freshen up. We've quite happily done a little at a time while we've lived here, and the hall isn't an area we've got to yet. But it looks a little scruffy, and like it's in need of a little care and attention. What I'm hoping to do this month is tidy up the skirting boards, give it a lick of paint, and add little of decoration. A mirror, a shelf, a couple of hooks for jackets, that sort of thing.

So there you have it. My November is looking to be a busy one, but I'm excited about it, and if it means I'll have more free time in December then it's worth it.


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  1. Woo looking forward to all your insta snaps and Christmas content! x


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