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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

A Little Update on Life and Goals

Over the last few weeks, my online and real life worlds couldn't have been more different. I mentioned it briefly in my last post, but while my online life has had to be a little quieter than I'd have liked, my real life life, has been crazy!

I wrote a few goals I had for November at the beginning of last month, and I thought it would be good to update you on them, and to write it all down for my own records too. No point setting goals if you never actually make a point of checking on your progress.

First of all, the good, the things I wanted to achieve and did. The Christmas present situation that was at the beginning of last month, really quite horrendous, I'm glad to tell you has seen huge improvement. We are nearly done!! Apart from one or two things that are still to arrive for Paul's Mum and Dad, and something to buy for his Gran, we are pretty much finished buying for friends and family. I have also bought all of Paul's, some of which are even wrapped and under the tree, and even the doggies of the family have their gifts. I can't tell you how much better I'm feeling about it all. Oh, and while I'm sure I've already mentioned it in a post, I now own my very own Christmas jumper. An unnecessary but fun tick off my list.

And to add to the unnecessary, we also picked up matching Christmas pyjamas!

As for the house, I finished all the sanding and painting that needed done in the extension in time for the Christmas decorations going up. I was so pleased when it was done, it made me feel so much better about Paul's birthday, and having everyone up. Not that anyone would have been the least bit bothered if it wasn't finished, but it was something off my to-do list. Oh, and we now also have living room curtains. They finish the room off perfectly, and now I wonder how we went so long without them.

Everything I had to do for Paul's birthday was done on time. The cake was my main task, I had help with some of the other things, but the cake took me a good two days to make, but Paul was over the moon with it, so all the time definitely wasn't wasted. The party on the Sunday was a lot of fun, everyone had a great time, we all ate far too much, and we had left overs for a couple of days after. The house, that was already decorated with Christmas decorations, was also then covered in birthday ones too, and then his birthday treats continued through the week. I had hidden presents around the house for him to find on the morning of his birthday, which he did with the help of clues I'd written. We then had an afternoon out with a bit of shopping, and picked up dinner at the Christmas market in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, Tuesday was a day of appointments and errands, but Wednesday was fun from start to finish. Our wonderful generous friends took us out for the day, to treat Paul for his birthday. They took us for pizza, to pretend to be pirates in an escape room, and then the evening was spent playing the VR and eating finger food. It was a perfect day from start to finish, and the rest of the week was lovely too.

So, now the goals I haven't reached. I didn't manage to get as many of my Christmas posts done as I'd planned to, in fact, not a lot at all. I also didn't manage to get back into a routine of posting on Instagram, which I was really looking forward to doing. And, because of the long busy days we've had, the exercising I had started to do, kind of fell by the wayside.

However, there was a point in the last two weeks that I decided not to beat myself up about it. Yes, I wanted to get done a lot more than I manged to, but sometimes you have to accept the limits of what's possible and what's not. And not only that, Paul had taken two weeks off from work, it was his birthday, we had so many plans and it would have been a shame not to make the most of it. So I didn't get everything done, but you know's ok. I can catch up now that things are back to normal, and I can spend this week concentrating on some of the goals I didn't quite reach in December.

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