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Friday, 1 December 2017

Made Me Happy This Week


Happy 1st of December! Even if the last few weeks have been too early for you, you can't deny that it's now here, that the festive times have begun. Did you open an advent calendar this morning? I did, I love starting the day with those little chocolates...even if by the end of the month it's left me with a terrible habit. We kicked this week off in a very festive way, we took my mum over to Edinburgh to visit the Christmas markets...can you believe she's never been! She had such a good time, we ate all the food, visited the ice sculpture exhibit, and made our way through the Christmas tree maze, where we got our chocolate pennies. The maze is supposed to be for kids, but every year I swear there are more adults there, than there are children. If you're ever in Edinburgh at Christmas you should give it a go, it's so much fun.

1. Getting all of our Christmas cards written early. They are now all done and ready to be handed out, as and when, and it's one more thing off the list of "have to do's".

2. Impromptu lunch of cheese and crackers with C and her little girl, who was very taken by one of the cheeses on offer.

3. M&S chocolate truffles. Paul and I have slowly made our way through a box that we opened last weekend.

4. Nearly being finished with buying Christmas presents, we are so close now. But, I'm not going to start wrapping until we have them all.

5. Wrapping up Paul's birthday presents while he was sleeping, I also love the paper I found to wrap them in. It's slightly holographic Star Wars print, and was a bargain in Primark.

6. My little fluffy unicorn keyring from the ice exhibit. My mum bought us one each, as a little memento from the night.

7. At the beginning of this year I came up with the idea of having our second Christmas tree covered in Polaroids of everyone we love. At the time I thought we were buying one of those twiggy trees, while we've actually ended up with a tradition but slim tree, I still love the little pictures all over it.

8. Watching all the Christmas films, we've had them on pretty much all week. Some we've sat and watched together, some we've had on in the background while we've been busy. We have to make the most of them while it's the month to watch them.

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  1. I managed to do my Christmas cards in November which I know is ridiculous but I had to get some in the post to Aus / NZ so I figured I'd just do them all at once!! I have a gin advent calendar this year, so a tiny bottle of a different type of gin each day and I looove it!! x


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