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Friday, 8 December 2017

Made Me Happy This Week


This has been a busy week! I'm sorry things have been so quiet, but even with all my planning I just ran out of time. I had wanted to have posts ready to go up while I was busy, but then everything for Paul's birthday took so much longer than I'd expected. Mostly, the cake!! It took me forever to make him. The sponges took hours and hours to bake, and then assembling and decorating him took me an entire day. Literally from 9.30am, to 10.45pm. I sat in my pyjamas, covered in icing sugar, being given cups of tea by either Paul or my friend. I am however, so proud of him! It sounds silly, but when he was finished and just sitting on the table, I kept looking at him and thinking 'I can't have made that'. And then, he was cut into slices and now all that remains is his head. But it was fun, the whole week has been. Paul has been spoiled by our friends and family, and we've been busy for most of the week -hence the lack of posting. Things are starting to wind down now, and by this weekend will be back to normal, or as normal as things can be at this time of year.

1. One of Paul's gifts was a day out with our friends for pizza, and a pirate themed escape room. I was a little anxious about going, the thought of them had never appealed to me, but it was actually so much fun! We escaped with time to spare, and had such an amazing time doing it.

2. Doughnut coffee's as tasty as it sounds. It was one of the presents I bought Paul for his birthday and we've been having it in coffee all week.

3. Wrapping some presents and getting them put under the tree. I find that if you sit and do it all at the one time, it can turn into a bit of a task. So spreading it over a few days works better.

4. Party food. We had far too much food for Sunday, way more than we needed. But I quite like having it in the fridge for snacking on over the next few days.

5. Having a whole day and night of cosying up on the sofa and catching up on tv with Paul, it was lovely after a week of constantly running around.

6. Realising that we can now book our wedding trip! It's coming round too fast!

7. Being woken up by the postman at 7am!! Sound's annoying, but he handed us our new Anthropologie stockings so I forgave him.

8. Smash Burger has opened near us. I should probably try it before being excited, but I've heard a lot of good things so I have high hopes.



  1. That cake is AMAZING! Way to go! Totally worth all of the trouble and time.

  2. That cake is so good!!! Well done!! xx


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