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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Twelve Days of Christmas - A Lush Christmas Bath


Twelve Days of Christmas is here! You know what that means...there are only 12 sleeps to go until the big day. I'm struggling to understand how we've got here so quickly, I sweat it was October two minutes ago. But here we are, and I wanted to kick things off with a few festive bits from Lush.

Lush is at it's absolute best at Christmas. Everything smells amazing, with cinnamon, spices and cloves, and there is glitter absolutely everywhere. Everything looks so beautiful too, from the little characters, to the sparkly festive bubble wands. This year, I wanted to try a couple I've never had before, I don't think they are new to Lush, but they are definitely new to me. Plus, I had to pick up a couple of old favourites that without, Christmas baths just wouldn't be the same.


The Snowman Bubbleroon is going to become a favourite going forward, I think. First of all, he's absolutely adorable, it almost seems a shame to run him under the water (almost). Also, his scent is much fresher than the other Christmas products. While I love all the heavier spicy scents of this time of year, the fresh lemon smell of this little bubbleroon is a nice alternative. Or even good for a bath on a cold morning to wake you up. He's also packed full of nourishing ingredients that leave your skin feeling lovely and soft.


Just like the little snowman, the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb is another with a fresher scent, but with orange oil, instead of lemon. It's the colour of this one that always gets my attention, and this year I finally picked one up to try. It leaves your bath the most amazing shade of blue, with a very subtle shimmer from the gold stars. One I'll definitely be picking up again.


This one is my Christmas favourite, I look forward to it coming back each year. The scent in fresh but warming, and the gold glitter covered outside, melts away to leave your bath a deep turquoise blue. When you step out you are covered in subtle shimmer -so is your bath, but it's Christmas so everything is covered in glitter. I've mentioned it before, but it will always be a must have from Lush for me at Christmas time.


Butterbear is another I absolutely love! It's the most wonderful thing, to come home after being out in the cold, and warm up with a Butterbear bath. The sweet almost vanilla or chocolate like scent is so relaxing, so it's a great one to use before you go to bed. The cocoa butter leaves yours skin soft and moisturised, which is always good in winter when the cold weather and central heating can leave it feeling very dry. If you aren't one for all the glitter and stronger smelling bath bombs, try this one. It's the bath equivalent of a hug!

I think we'll make one more stop at Lush before Christmas, just to make sure we're stocked up for those few days between Christmas and New Year.

Twelve Sleeps Til Christmas!! 


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  1. Yayyy 12 days of Christmas! Our boiler is on the whack at the mo and I cannot wait until I can have a bath again! x


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