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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Twelve Days of Christmas - You, Me, and Matching PJ's


While this was my first year actually owning a Christmas jumper, I have quite the growing collection of Christmas pyjamas. This year, Next were selling family sets of pjs, all matching and in every size you could need. Well, Paul and I just couldn't resist! We wanted the onesies originally but when we tried them on, we found that they weren't made of stretchy material, and you can't get comfy in a onesie if it doesn't stretch.

We ended up going with the moose print sets, which aren't over top Christmasy. You could say they are more winter pyjamas actually, but we will be wearing them on Christmas Eve for sure! They leave me with thoughts of log cabins and snow covered mountains, somewhere you could ski and then finish the night off with a hot chocolate or two. And more importantly, they are really comfortable. Just what you need for those days coming soon, when your only plans are staying on the sofa and eating leftovers. They aren't a necessary part of Christmas, but it's those fun little things that you can do, that make it all even more enjoyable.


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