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Friday, 26 January 2018

Made Me Happy This Week


One of the happiest things about this past week, definitely has to be planning our wedding ceremony. We've only really just started, and there is still a long way to go before we have the exact plan of what we want, but it's so much fun to do. We've laughed so much, and have some lovely things noted down so far, I can't wait to see it come together as we go. The rest of this week has been a pretty quiet one. I was also wrong last week about the snow, we had SO much more of it over the weekend. It's now sadly all gone, although it was starting to look a little slushy and messy everywhere so it was probably for the best.

1. Our wardrobe is being started today...I'm so excited!! I can't wait for my clothes to have a home again, right now they're being stored anywhere and everywhere. It's actually really frustrating when you're looking for something in a rush.

2. The Polaroid in the picture above. Paul took it and it's one of my favourites so far.

3. We bought each others Easter gifts while we were food shopping last weekend. It may seem early but the shops are already full of them, so why not. I have a Lindt bunny from Paul, and he has a box of 12 Cream Eggs from me.

4. Piri Piri soup, it's become my new favourite lunch. It's pretty much all I've had for the last couple of weeks.

5. Today feels like spring, it's so bright and sunny and the weather just feels different.

6. Grace and Frankie season 4 is finally up on Netflix so we've been watching as much as we can. If you've never watched it, I recommend!

7. Porridge and brown sugar for breakfast.

8. The pink and purple shades of sky this week, it's a lovely thing to see in the morning.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

The Polaroid Project Update #1


If you were around at the beginning of the month, you may have seen that I was starting a little project with my Polaroid camera, something fun for, to keep and look back on. Every day this year I will take one photo, and by the end I'll have a box of 365 of them. Today, we are on day 23, and it just felt like a nice to time update you on things. I didn't want to do anything as structured as weekly or monthly updates, I think sporadic ones throughout the year will be much nicer.

First of all, I'm pleased to say that I haven't missed one day, not one! I'm getting so used to carrying my little Instax camera around with me everywhere I go, that I can already feel myself missing it when this year is over. Some days if I know what I'm doing, I'll have an idea of when I want to take the picture, or who with. Others, I'll just find myself in a situation that would be perfect for one.


Currently, their home is a small Dior box that originally housed a very pretty highlighter. That suits them fine just now, and I think it will be another couple of months before I have to look for something bigger. I've had a look at a few boxes already, but I'm having trouble imagining just how big the pile of picture will be at the end of the year. I don't want to get a box that come September will be too small, or, end up with one that's far too big for them.

When I first started, I wasn't sure how to mark them, I went back and forth between number or date, but eventually I decided that doing both would be the best way to go. Mainly because picking up picture 192, and thinking 'what date was that?', would honestly drive me crazy. This way, I can know what number it is between 1 and 365, and know what date it was too. I'm also colour coordinating them by season with my Sharpies. Just now, because it's all cold and wintery, I'm using icy blues and grey's. I can't wait to see how the colours change through the year.

I can't tell you the number of times I've sat and flicked through what is still a fairly small pile of photos, they are already bringing me so much joy -and it's only day 23! I'm honestly enjoying it so much, I'll be sad when it finishes, but that's still a long way off at the moment.



Friday, 19 January 2018

Made Me Happy This Week


We've had so much snow this week, more was forecast for today but I get the feeling we've had the last of it. It's all starting to melt away, and the snowmen are starting to look a little sad at this point, but it had to come to an end eventually. Today we're going food shopping. We've been so good with eating lately, right back on track with loads of veggies, and good nutritious food, instead of the chocolate and cheese we were eating last month. We are feeling much better for it, so long may it continue. It's also making us more creative with dinners, trying to come up with tasty fun things to eat, and making sure we are planning meals again. I always prefer when we do this, it makes things feel much more organised, plus, you don't waste anything if you know exactly what you're eating.

1. Pink's new album, I've had it on repeat this week and I'm really enjoying it. Thankfully there hasn't been anyone around to hear my terrible singing.

2. Sookie has taken to curling up in my dressing gown while I sit and have breakfast, while I'm still wearing it. She's honestly the sweetest little thing!

3. How perfect everything looks when the snow first falls. Everything is so beautiful, that is until the cars leave tire tracks and peope

4. Ordering a few things for our wedding gifts for people, I'm very excited about them! Although I can't say what they are right now in case anyone reads this, but I am planning a post on them for later in the year. This whole getting married thing still feels so odd to me.

5. Feeding the squirrels on the coldest Sunday we've had in a long time, and really appreciating the heating being on when we got home.

6. A Die Hard movie day. We spent the whole day at our friends, eating tasty snack type food, in pyjamas. A perfect day really.

7. Ready salted crisps and chocolate buttons. Everyone I mention this to, thinks I'm crazy and refuses to try it. In the end they all come round and admit how bloody good it is. Give it a try sometime, I swear it's one of the best things you'll eat, even if it does sound weird.

8. Picking up a few tiny Easter treats to put away for when it comes. We found Reeses Cream Eggs, so had to get a few, they sound amazing.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Snow Day!


Most of Scotland is covered in snow at the moment. Some places have a light dusting, and others are completely covered in a think white blanket. We are kind of in between where we are, although, it is deeper than Sookie is tall, so she isn't all that pleased about the situation. We have to clear little paths around the garden so she does get lost in it, or get clumps of it stuck in her fur. 

I took these photo's last time it snowed, around New Year, but I never ended up using them for anything. I haven't been out anywhere to get some of the snow this time round, and even though what we have right now is much more impressive that the snow in these shots, I thought I'd share them anyway. Just in case you're snowless and wishing for some, or just for something pretty to look at on a Wednesday afternoon.

I think I'll always love the snow, it's just so magical. 



Monday, 15 January 2018

Five Ways To Make January Not So Blue.


January can be a difficult month to get through for a lot of people. It's dark, the weather is a mostly cold wet and miserable which really doesn't help your mood. Especially for those who suffer with SADS. None of us have any money, we've all been over spending before and around Christmas, maybe in the sales too, and a lot of people have a much bigger gap between payday over theses two months. It can really take it's toll on you, not to mention the feeling of promise and excitement of a new year may have worn off by now, and the reality of failed resolutions or plans may be setting in.

While I'm not sure I believe all of this can build up and make Blue Monday the worst day of the year, I do think they make the month a little trying at times. It's something I used to really struggle with. I look forward to Christmas for so much of the year, and all of a sudden it's over. All the decorations are down, leaving everything very sad and plain. Feeling as if you have to make grand plans and make lists of resolutions to join in the excitement with everyone else. Also feeling the stress of spending so much at Christmas time, feeling limited until the next payday. It can all get to you, making you feel really quite low, and as if everything is rubbish when it's actually not.

I wanted to change this a few years ago, I was sick of the feeling and wanted to have a different outlook on January, so I did just that. Of course it's not as simple as just deciding to do it, it takes time and work. But I managed, and these are some of the things I did to help with that. I now enjoy January for what is it, just as you should with any month.

Embrace the cold weather! I say this for a few reasons. One, is that getting up, dressed and out can do wonders for your mood at any time of year. Getting out into the fresh -albeit cold air, can wake you up, and of course the exercise helps, even if you're just going for a walk around the park, or to the shops. But it also makes being at home all the better too. Coming home to cosy blankets and a night of tea and tv, can be so much more inviting once you've been outside and away from it. It makes you happy to be home, and able to enjoy it more. Do you remember when you were little and playing in the snow until your fingers were frozen? Well, the feeling you had when you eventually went inside and got your cosy warm pyjamas on. It's that kind of thing.

Don't Make Resolutions!! New Years resolutions can be great for some people, and some do have huge success with them, but for most, they just bring the feeling of failure. Instead of setting out a list of grand plans for the next 12 months, and completely overwhelming your brain, just concentrate on making this year a better one than the last. Do it slowly as you go, don't set deadlines. If you want to improve you're diet, great -but start small and work it into your life. Don't give yourself the stress of unrealistic tasks.

Make Plans! I don't mean extravagant holidays or anything nearly as grand, although if you do happen to have any booked, then start thinking about it. Make notes of what you want to do while there, learn a few things about the place you'll be visiting. Anything that is exciting, and reminds you that January will pass, and the low mood will too. But also make plans in the meantime too, small things like a movie day with friends, or taking the dogs for a walk somewhere you don't usually go. Things that don't cost a lot of money, but allow you to get out and be social, that will in turn lift your mood.

Make Your Home More Enjoyable!! We should all love our homes, they should be where we enjoy spending our time. And during months like January when you feel almost forced to stay home sometimes, it's good to do little things that help you feel better about it all. Light candles, makes piles of your favourite books to read, do a little baking to use up any lingering Christmas chocolate. Do little things that make it more relaxing for you.

Clean Up and Clear Out! If you are feeling a little fed up, and need to feel more productive, having a clear out can sometimes be the best thing for you -and January is the best time to do it. I feel like this every year! You seem to gather stuff as the year goes on, stuff you maybe didn't want or things you no longer have a use for. After Christmas I like to have a good clear out and free up space for more important things. The saying "tidy house, tidy mind" is true. If you feel fed up because things feel cluttered, then bite the bullet and get rid of it, you will feel so much better afterwards. Plus getting off the sofa and doing something to take your mind off your mood can sometimes change your mindset completely.

I do understand that for some it wont be as easy as this, these are just small things I did to help stop myself thinking of January as a miserable time. And instead, enjoy the fact that it's a slower month, when you have the chance to do things at home. Or the excuse to stay in and watch box sets on Netflix.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Made Me Happy This Week


For Paul and I this week has been full of wedding talk, and the trip around the wedding. I guess it's because it's now this year, and in what will be months time, we will be doing all of these things. We've organised a few details like our officiant -who seems lovely, and more of a detailed time line with our photographer. I keep calling it our non-elopement, because it feels wrong to call it a wedding, in the more traditional sense, or an elopement, seeing as people are coming away with us. We've also started talking more about places we want to see, that we maybe missed last time, and all the places we want to eat. I would also really like to come back with a box of Levain cookies this time. I also can't wait to show our parent around what is one of our favourite places in the world!

1. Decaf tea. I'm not sure if I mentioned it to you, but Paul was told to stay away from caffeine for a while, so everything in the house was switched to decaf. I switched too for support, and as I don't drink it for the boost in energy, it really didn't make a difference. But I sleep so much better now! I'm still not the best, but there has been a definite improvement.

2. Our eating habits have got back to normal after the Christmas break and I'me feeling so much better for it. Lot's more fruit and vegetables, no more constant snacking on sweets and chocolate.

3. Pret's chicken, broccoli and brown rice soup. It is the perfect thing to warm you up on an absolutely freezing day in Edinburgh.

4. How we've nearly finished watching The Gilmore Girls (for the 12th time), and Paul's already suggesting we start from the beginning again.

5. Having a day of walking around Edinburgh with C, such a lovely opportunity to catch up and also take some pictures of such a beautiful place. We did quite a lot of walking too, so some much needed exercise was thrown in too.

6. I was kindly given two pairs of slippers for Christmas and I am loving them both. I hate my feet being cold, and I was in desperate need of a new pair.

7. Flicking through the pages of recipe books we were given for Christmas and planning out all the things I want to make. It may not be for a while, but I will get to them.

8. Having baths to warm up, after cold days outside. I'll miss that when summer rolls around.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Made Me Happy This Week


We're only five days in and already, I have huge fears setting in of how quickly this year is going to go. I sat marking dates, to-do's, appointments and everything in between in my diary, and adding in the birthdays made me realise how small the amount of time is between each of them. It's our friends birthday 4 weeks today, four weeks..., that's nothing. And if you do that for the rest, it will be October before you know it and we will be getting married! And then it's basically Christmas, and we do it all over again. When did time start doing this? Do you remember when you were really young, and an hour seemed like a day, and a day off from schooled seemed like all the time in the world? Well, I don't think there is much that can be done about it, but it does remind you to try and make the most out of everyday!

1. I've had Nutella porridge most days this week for breakfast. I've been using it as some kind of substitute for the chocolate we are no longer eating, but also to use up the jar!

2. Making a completely unnecessary order of Lego sets in the Boxing Day sales. We have absolutely nowhere to put the sets we've ordered, so they can't be built right now, but one of them is the Millennium Falcon and it's now retired. So I'm happy we have it.

3. Starting off the new year with a family dinner at Paul's mum and dads. It was such a lovely day, lots of food, family and them some films. Oh, and sticking toffee pudding!

4. Giving the house a good tidy once all the Christmas decorations were taken down, they leave some mess! Especially the new garland we bought this year...glitter everywhere! So everywhere but the spare room is now tidy, that room is still full of storage boxes to be put in the attic.

5. My moccasin slippers, I am so in love with them. They were a gift from Paul's brother and his girlfriend for Christmas, and they are all I've had on my feet since.

6. Enjoying fresher scented candles now we are at the beginning of a new year. I don't like to keep burning the cosy warm, more festive smelling ones once the seasons over.

7. Booking our wedding trip!! I feel as if I've mentioned this already, although I'm not sure where. But, yes! It's booked, and we are all so excited!! And I'm a little nervous, it makes it feel like a real thing, that's really happening...if you get what I mean?

8. My little Polaroid project that I started a few days ago. I'm really enjoying, and already wondering how it's going to look in a couple of months time.

Monday, 1 January 2018

The Polaroid Project


Happy New Year! How was your Christmas break? Are you still in the same kind of cheese and chocolate coma that I'm currently in? I plan on getting back to a normal way of eating over the next few days, but we are starting the year off with a family meal at Paul's mum and dads so it wont be today, especially since I'm on dessert, and I'm making sticky toffee pudding.

Today is the first day of a new year, and also, the first day of a project I've been planning for a while now. The thought of a new year brings so much excitement with it, and for us, this year more than usual with our wedding in October. While it's already more special then most, I wanted to do something to capture it all, the whole thing, so I can look back and remember even the most simple boring days. I love photography, and my pictures mean so much to me, the way they can capture a moment or a feeling forever is something very special, and I treasure then all -even the bad ones. My polaroid snaps are some of my very favourites, so this project is all about them. Starting today, I will be taking one polaroid picture a day for the entire year! By the end -assuming I remember every day, I will have 365 little moments to keep forever. For the last few months I've been building a stock of Instax film, so I'm all ready to go. I will still use it for different occasions and take the photos I usually would, but there will be one a day that is only for this. I plan on numbering them too, or making little notes, or drawing doodles. My collection of Sharpies will do the job perfectly, and I can even change colours according to seasons.

I think every so often I will post an update of how I'm getting on, and share a few of them with you, if that's something you would like to see? I'm really very excited about it! I've thought about starting it at so many different points in the last year -a birthday, and anniversary, but starting at at the beginning of something feels better. The beginning of a year sounds right, and as it's the year we get married, hopefully a very exciting one too!

This little project is purely for me, and while the thought of something taking an entire year to complete sounds like such a long time, I'm sure it will be over before we know it! Especially if 2018 is anything to go by.

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