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Friday, 19 January 2018

Made Me Happy This Week


We've had so much snow this week, more was forecast for today but I get the feeling we've had the last of it. It's all starting to melt away, and the snowmen are starting to look a little sad at this point, but it had to come to an end eventually. Today we're going food shopping. We've been so good with eating lately, right back on track with loads of veggies, and good nutritious food, instead of the chocolate and cheese we were eating last month. We are feeling much better for it, so long may it continue. It's also making us more creative with dinners, trying to come up with tasty fun things to eat, and making sure we are planning meals again. I always prefer when we do this, it makes things feel much more organised, plus, you don't waste anything if you know exactly what you're eating.

1. Pink's new album, I've had it on repeat this week and I'm really enjoying it. Thankfully there hasn't been anyone around to hear my terrible singing.

2. Sookie has taken to curling up in my dressing gown while I sit and have breakfast, while I'm still wearing it. She's honestly the sweetest little thing!

3. How perfect everything looks when the snow first falls. Everything is so beautiful, that is until the cars leave tire tracks and peope

4. Ordering a few things for our wedding gifts for people, I'm very excited about them! Although I can't say what they are right now in case anyone reads this, but I am planning a post on them for later in the year. This whole getting married thing still feels so odd to me.

5. Feeding the squirrels on the coldest Sunday we've had in a long time, and really appreciating the heating being on when we got home.

6. A Die Hard movie day. We spent the whole day at our friends, eating tasty snack type food, in pyjamas. A perfect day really.

7. Ready salted crisps and chocolate buttons. Everyone I mention this to, thinks I'm crazy and refuses to try it. In the end they all come round and admit how bloody good it is. Give it a try sometime, I swear it's one of the best things you'll eat, even if it does sound weird.

8. Picking up a few tiny Easter treats to put away for when it comes. We found Reeses Cream Eggs, so had to get a few, they sound amazing.

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