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Friday, 26 January 2018

Made Me Happy This Week


One of the happiest things about this past week, definitely has to be planning our wedding ceremony. We've only really just started, and there is still a long way to go before we have the exact plan of what we want, but it's so much fun to do. We've laughed so much, and have some lovely things noted down so far, I can't wait to see it come together as we go. The rest of this week has been a pretty quiet one. I was also wrong last week about the snow, we had SO much more of it over the weekend. It's now sadly all gone, although it was starting to look a little slushy and messy everywhere so it was probably for the best.

1. Our wardrobe is being started today...I'm so excited!! I can't wait for my clothes to have a home again, right now they're being stored anywhere and everywhere. It's actually really frustrating when you're looking for something in a rush.

2. The Polaroid in the picture above. Paul took it and it's one of my favourites so far.

3. We bought each others Easter gifts while we were food shopping last weekend. It may seem early but the shops are already full of them, so why not. I have a Lindt bunny from Paul, and he has a box of 12 Cream Eggs from me.

4. Piri Piri soup, it's become my new favourite lunch. It's pretty much all I've had for the last couple of weeks.

5. Today feels like spring, it's so bright and sunny and the weather just feels different.

6. Grace and Frankie season 4 is finally up on Netflix so we've been watching as much as we can. If you've never watched it, I recommend!

7. Porridge and brown sugar for breakfast.

8. The pink and purple shades of sky this week, it's a lovely thing to see in the morning.

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