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Friday, 9 February 2018

Made Me Happy This Week


Thank goodness for the weekend! It hasn't been a bad week or anything, I just feel as if I haven't left the house. I have of course, on a couple of occasions, but not for any great length of time, and as much as I adore our home...I want to be outside for a little while! I've had a lot of at-home type things to do, and I've just tried to get on with them so that most of the bigger tasks, chores, diy's, are out of the way, but now I'd quite like some fresh air and a view of something other than these four walls.

1. Our new Mr and Mrs pyjamas from Next, I love them! My grandma got them for us to take away with us later this year. I can't wait to wear them.

2. Our anniversary, it was a completely perfect day in our favourite city. We also had the best dinner, although most of mine came home with me, as clearly my eyes are bigger than my belly. In my defence, it was the biggest plate of risotto I've ever seen! 

3. We don't do anniversary gifts, but while we were out last week, Paul bought me a vintage teaspoon that has the sweetest Harry Potter related quote stamped into it. I absolutely love it!

4. The late afternoon light at this time of year. The way it shines into our living room makes me so happy.

5. Some new Easter decorations. I realised that we have decorations for so many holidays, but none for Easter, so now we do, and they are the cutest little things.

6. The sweetest girl in Lush, who's name I wish I'd asked for, gave a valentines bath bomb, just because it was our anniversary.

7. My undying love for The Greatest Showman soundtrack.

8. Walks around Edinburgh in the evening, with my favourite person.

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