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Friday, 18 May 2018

Made Me Happy This Week


Laurel, or Yanny? It's crazy isn't it!! What do you hear when the sound is played? I first heard it on the radio, and clearly heard Laurel...but! I then heard it on my laptop and it was so clearly Yanny! Madness. It fascinates me that something can sound so different depending on the way it's played or what you're listening to it on. In other news, who's looking forward to the wedding this weekend? I'm really quite excited about it all, although I think we're going to be out and will miss it, so I'll have to watch on catch up. There is just so much hype around the country right now, that it makes it hard to not want to watch and see everything that's going on. Plus, who doesn't love a wedding.

1. The Eurovision, always a good night and there were so many good songs this year. We made a list of our favourites as we watched, and now I have them playing on Spotify.

2. The weather. It's just beautiful at the moment.

3. Finally having our wedding music decided. We've gone through it all a few times, and it all now seems to fit perfectly.

4. How our garden is slowing filling with home grown vegetables. I'm most excited about the sugar snap peas!

5. White chocolate covered Oreo's. Honestly one of my favourite things.

6. My collection of Polaroid snaps. I love to bring them out every so often to have a look back at the last few months.

7. Paul and I have become completely obsessed with Brooklyn 99 recently. We're having to take out time watching it, just so we don't go through it too quickly.

8. Sheldon and Amy's wedding in The Big Bang Theory. It was so beautiful and so perfect. I'll be gutted when the show is completely over.

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