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Sunday, 24 June 2018



So, the other day my grandma came to visit and she brought with her a stack of magazines she thought I'd like. She has this habit of collecting them from the hairdressers. She always asks if she can take them, and they don't mind as they're usually a month or so old anyway.

This particular stack she's obviously been collecting for a while now, seeing as one of them is from late 2016. She obviously know's me very well, as they are foodie magazines, and after having a quick flick through, I'm now wondering why I've never bought any of this one before.

The name of the magazine is "Delicious", and it has some of the tastiest food I've ever seen. As well as what seems to be pages of tips and tricks for the kitchen.

The last weeks been quite busy, and this weekend is mostly errands and birthday prep, so I've not had a chance to read through them. So, what I'm doing, is saving them for one of those lazy Sundays. One of those days when you don't have anything to do, and you can just sit and relax in the house with a cup of tea and a good magazine. I plan on doing just that and making note of all the recipes I want to try. Plus, some of them are from autumn winter time, so I can even start to plan for the colder weather.

Happy Sunday!

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