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Monday, 11 June 2018

Finding My Wedding Dress


This is a long ones folks, so I'd grab make a cup of tea and get comfy.

Finding my wedding dress didn't go at all like I thought it would. You see it all the time in films, tv shows, and you hear about it from everyone around you, so going in you can't help but have some expectations about the whole process. I did, at the beginning. I thought I'd try some on, like some, hate others, but then, suddenly, fall totally and completely in love with "the one". I understand that for a lot of people, that's how it goes, and that's brilliant! But I very quickly realised that for me, this wasn't going to be the case.

I had one day out with everyone there, oohing and ahhing at all the dresses I tried on. And don't get me wrong, they were beautiful dresses. The detail in some was just stunning...but none of them for me. It left me feeling a little deflated and downhearted about the whole thing, and of course, just a little worried that I wouldn't find anything at all. I also had another couple of tries by my self, that weren't that much fun. There is a reason it's suggested that you take at least one friend with's quite boring on your own. There isn't anyone there to laugh with, or to bounce your thoughts off of, ultimately making what should be a happy experience, the complete opposite.

I then had yet another day, with just my mum and gran. We had a lovely day, and I tried some fun ones on just to see what they looked like, but no luck finding the dress for me. By this point it had well and truly become a chore that had to be done, instead of the fun happy thing I should have looked forward to doing.

The one good thing that did come from that last day, was that I'd settled on the shape I liked, and a shape I felt really good in. We found an almost dress, and I call it that because it was so nearly what I wanted. The shape, which was a fishtail, lace detail that I loved, but it didn't have sleeves like I wanted, and instead of buttons, it had a corset. However, to have sleeves put on, to have the corset changed to buttons, and that on top of the alterations you already need to have done, would have cost way too much. Way more that I would have been happy to pay, or been comfortable paying for a dress, for one day!

It turned out that the shape I wanted with sleeves, was actually quite hard to find. I did try a few on, but they either had no structure to them, which I wanted, you know, to make you feel all sucked in in the right places? Or the style wasn't quite right.

I'd all but given up, and stopped looking altogether, but then, before I'd realised, it was March! In case you don't know, we get married this October, so I started to get a little concerned about the time scale. So, I started looking at nothing but dresses online, looking at different designers trying to find what I wanted. Then, by complete chance, and honestly out of distraction and procrastination, I found this little bridal boutique in Perth. It was never somewhere I'd thought of going, but I ended up on the website and found that there was a sale section. Which I started looking through, because who doesn't love a sale...right!?

At the bottom of the sale page, was a Pronovias dress, a designer that I'd looked at, that was originally £1500...down to £500!! What was even better, was that it was a size 12! (I'm around a 10/12). It was exactly what I'd been looking for, buttons and all. It had everything except the sleeves, but at that price I was more than happy to see about having them added on. As I was still in my "I don't like any dresses" mood, I was in two minds if I should even bother going to see it. Mainly because I didn't want to go alone, the following day was the only day I could have gone, and it was a bit short notice to get someone to come with me. Plus, I don't drive, and it turns out, while only 30 minutes in the car, Perth is over and hour away on the two buses I would have had to get. I can get travel sick on buses so I didn't love that option either.

I text C, with no expectations that she'd be able to go, and explained that I wasn't bothered if she couldn't, as I wasn't even sure I was going to bother myself. She however had a feeling that we had to go! So the next morning we dropped her little girl off at school and headed up to Perth. We found a space just a few doors up from the boutique, outside of this tea room that sold my favourite coffee, so I grabbed us a latte each, and we sat in the car until it was time for my appointment.

The lady who owned the boutique was in that day, Karyn, and she was so lovely and welcoming. It's a small space, so it's closed for each appointment which makes it feel really special. She suggested that I pick another few dresses to try on, as well as the sale dress I'd asked about. They were beautiful, but again, none of them perfect. We saved the sale dress until the end, so after trying on the others, I was helped into that one. As Karyn was buttoning up the back, I couldn't stop staring at it in the mirror. I loved it more than anything I had tried on, it fit so well, and all I could think was "I've found it!". I couldn't stop looking at it, and as I'd explained to Karyn that I wanted sleeves, she brought out a long sleeved lace bolero type jacket, that we put on backwards to give the impression of what I was looking for.

I couldn't believe was perfect! I could see it with the sleeves and it was exactly what I'd been looking for, and it was structured but not heavy at all! Meaning that walking around New York in it wasn't going to be a pain. I turned round to face C, and Karyn pulled back the curtain - I couldn't wait to see her face, and it didn't disappoint! She was in tears, which surprised even her. She loved it just as much as I did, and I spent the rest of the appointment not wanting to take it off -which was obviously a good sign. I phoned my mum and gran to tell them all about it, both of which said they knew I'd love it when I got there. And then I bought it! I bought my dress! Possibly the biggest spontaneous purchase I'll ever make, but definitely the best.

I spend the rest of the day on a high! The whole day had been just perfect, from stat to finish. We went for lunch after, and then even found something that would make a perfect wedding gift for Paul -which I wont get into just now because this is already the worlds longest blog post.

I'm so glad it happened the way it did. Although it was a huge pain at the start, and it didn't happen the way I expected, it happened in the most perfect way. So I'll always have wonderful memories of the experience. Oh, and sorry there isn't a picture of it just yet, I thought about it but then worried Paul might see, and he really doesn't want to.

...did you make it to the end?
Well done if you did!


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