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Friday, 1 June 2018

Made Me Happy This Week


Do you know what I did today? For the first time this year, I baked just because I wanted to. It wasn't for someone asking, it wasn't for a birthday or celebration. I just wanted to make cookies, so I did. It was actually the nicest feeling. It's been getting darker as the days gone on, and we are expecting thunder storms later today, and all I could think was, "I want milk and cookies" -it's just one of those cosy indoor days. I sometimes forget how much I enjoy baking, how relaxing I find it. And while I've been loving the good weather, I am quite excited about the thunder later, I've always found it so fascinating.

1. Finding the perfect red coat! I know, I know, I can hear you screaming "Shelley, it's summer". I know this, but the sales really are the best times to get more expensive items like coats. And I've been looking for a red one for years now.

2. Listening to the sound of rain hitting the windows.

3. Making a huge lasagne and having my mum and gran up for dinner. If there was a lasagne eating gran would win -hands down!

4. Being able to go out to the garden, to pick fresh herbs for dinner.

5. My cookies with milk.

6. A spontaneous breakfast date with Paul. We had gone into Edinburgh to run a few errands, but ended up with more time than we though, so stayed for a late breakfast.

7. The new Lost in Space on's so good! Paul and I are obsessed already.

8. How our stocking filler drawer is filling up nicely.

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