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Friday, 8 June 2018

Made Me Happy This Week


We had a very exciting phone call this week! The jewellers phoned and said that Paul's wedding band is ready to collect. Mine isn't quite ready yet, she thinks it'll be next week before we can collect them both together. This whole wedding thing is starting to feel so real now! That sounds silly, as of course it was always real, but having a lot of tasks ticked off the to-do list makes it feel so close! I'll show you thing ring when we have them if that's something you'd like to see? ...I can't wait!!

1. Finally having a desk area to sit at. I've been sitting on the sofa, or at the dining table, which granted is better than where I used to sit most of the bed. But it's lovely to have an actual space. I'll sit other places if I feel like it, but things feel much more organised this way.

2. The realisation that we haven't actually had any real amount of rain for weeks now! That's crazy for Scotland. It rained a little last week (the day I made cookies), but it was dry within minutes, and it wasn't actually on for very long.

3. Adding a few more things to our wedding boxes for everyone. I will show you these gifts after they've been given out, I just don't want to spoil the surprise.

4. Our peas plants are doing so well! I think in a few more weeks we've have some to eat. Well, I'm hoping. I'm not 100% on how long they take to grow.

5. Two finger KitKats, I love them! I've been snacking on them for the last two weeks, because I will always need want chocolate, and they are the perfect little size.

6. Cuddles with my little Sookie. She loves my dressing gown almost as much as I do -maybe more. Whenever I have it on she comes to cuddle in.

7. Tea in the garden, in the last of the evening sunshine.

8. Lost in Space! We finished it this week and I'm gutted that it's over now...bring on the next series!

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