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Friday, 27 July 2018

Made Me Happy This Week

{look at those back legs!}

Are you all still surviving the heat? It's hot here today, so I feel for you guys in an around London...not sure how you're dealing with the crazy temperatures you're having. I am still loving it though. I've never wanted ice-cream so much in my life, honestly, any excuse will do for me to have some at the moment. Last Sunday we had New York Night! It was a night dedicated to our wedding trip, and a night to go over the plan with everyone there, and basically just get organised and excited. We had a table full of American food, Paul made his interpretation of Shake Shack, with recipes from the book I got him at Christmas. We had chicken and waffles, frozen custard, mac n cheese, and pumpkin pie. We ate far too much, but it was such a good night, and we finished it, with a plan in place, and a few things booked. It's now less than 3 months until we leave, and less than 3 months until the actual wedding day. It's all so exciting.

1. The Incredible's, we waited for 14 years (that's right, isn't it? 14?) and it was well worth the wait. Such a fun film, if you haven't seen it, you'll love it.

2. Having Nutella ice-cream in the fridge and using the hot evenings as an excuse to eat more of it.

3. Booking and organising so many little things for New York, the last week's been quite productive. Things like tickets for the Statue of Liberty, and everyone's ESTA's. I was feeling a little unorganised before the weekend, but that's made me feel better.

4. Oh! I had my hair cut! Now I realise that for most of you, that's a regular thing you do. But, I haven't been to the hair dressers in over 8 years!! I was so nervous, but the girl was lovely and I'm so pleased with it. I didn't have much taken off the length though, so it's still near my bum.

5. The breeze blowing through the house at the moment, it's making the crazy temperatures quite pleasant.

6. Polka Dots. I've bought two new polka dot dresses this year, and they are currently my summer wardrobe favourites.

7. Living my very best life, and getting to use my label maker. Some may think me sad, but I love any opportunity to use it. I ordered some plastic folders to keep all of the wedding and New York paper work nice and tidy, and now they're labelled too.

8. Left over Mac n Cheese for dinner. So good with green Tabasco.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Made Me Happy This Week


Did I tell you we've started decorating the bedroom? Well we have! The horrible old plastic window frame has been ripped off, and has been replaced with clean lines and a new windowsill. I've been filling, plastering, all around the now, frame less frame, making it look as nice and neat. Fun Fact: I love plastering around windows, and sanding down edges afterwards. It's just so satisfying to see it all smooth and perfect at the end. So, once that's done, the furniture will be moved and we will strip the wallpaper, Paul's dad will be adding a couple of new plug sockets, and then we will paint! I can't wait. Although, since we've now also decided to tidy the hall too, I've given myself quite a lot of work to do, all before October. Hopefully there are no problems with the DIY, or wedding planning.

1. Having homemade raspberry lemonade, in the fridge.

2. The funny way Sookie lies on the sofa, she has little frog legs.

3. While it's making my decision on what to wear today, difficult. It's actually lovely to have a day of rain. The plants need it!!

4. Adding fresh peas to pretty much every meal right now. We've done so well with them, and Paul's learnt quite a lot for when it comes to planting them again.

5. Putting together a menu for a little New York nights we're having this weekend. It's a chance to chat about the week, and see what things everyone wants to do while we're there.

6. Sending off some more wedding things. Each time we do something, I feel a little more organised.

7. Sitting in the garden with a cup of tea, watching the bee's and butterflies. Also, thinking about getting more plants.

8. Making list's when it feels like there is just far too much to do.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Fresh Raspberry Lemonade


When we went to New York for the first time, I became obsessed with the fresh lemonade that seemed to be everywhere we went. I'm not a juice drinker, I only ever really drink water, but after I tried a glass Paul had, I was hooked! It was freshly made, still lemonade, just the perfect balance of sweet and sour, and perfect for walking around on those surprisingly hot April days. There was also a glass bottle of raspberry lemonade, that we stocked our little hotel fridge with, I'm sure it was full of sugar and other rubbish, but it was so tasty! 

When we got home, I was on the hunt for something similar, something just as fresh tasting. After trying a few that were quite frankly -crap, I found Tesco's fresh lemonade, and they have a raspberry one too. 

I do love it, and I'm sure we'll continue to buy it, but seeing as we're always at Craigies Farm, picking the best raspberries you ever did taste, it seemed only right that I try to make my own. After a couple of tries that were what you could call, ok, I hit the lemonade jackpot. It tasted just as good as the bottles we buy from Tesco (if not better), and it's the perfect summer drink. Now that I've perfected the recipe, I'm sure I'll be making it all the time. 

So, if you feel like making something very tasty, and very refreshing, for those hot summer afternoons, this is the recipe! Or, if you're just looking for something to do with all those berries you've picked, that are still sitting in the fridge, give this a try. I think this would be great with any other soft fruit you have, so if raspberries aren't your thing, why not try strawberries or blackberries?


6 lemons - zest and juice (around 250ml)
150g caster sugar
350g raspberries 
400ml water
1 liter cold water

ice and extra lemon wedges or berries to serve

- In to a medium pan, add the sugar, lemon zest and 400ml of water. Bring this to the boil, stirring all the time so the sugar doesn't burn, and then take off the heat and leave to cool.

- While the syrup is cooling, crush the raspberries through a sieve, or wizz up in a blender if you have one, and then strain the seeds out after. 

- When the syrup is cool, and you're ready to go with your raspberry puree, add everything to a serving jug and mix well. Add a few extra lemon slices of berries for decoration... and lots of ice!!

This will keeps for around 4 or 5 days in the fridge, but is best when fresh. 



Friday, 13 July 2018

Made Me Happy This Week


Paul's dad is currently upstairs, making a lot of noise. He's taking off our old bedroom window frame, and replacing it with clean plastered edges. When it's all finished, and we've stripped off the wallpaper, we will finally be able to decorate the bedroom...I can't wait! But what's more exciting, is that we will get to order our new bed, and mattress. I can't stand our current one! We bought it for moving into this house, and ordered it online because we needed one in a hurry. I hate it. I really do, so I can't wait to go out and find something so insanely comfortable, that I'll never want to get out of bed.

1. I finally got another custard tart from Costa! I also found out that the reason I was struggling to find them, is because they only really serve them in the morning. So, that's good to know.

2. Our little goat friend from the berry farm. He had the softest little velvet nose.

3. Cheese, crackers and chutney for dinner.

4. A spontaneous day out in Edinburgh, with two of my very favourite people. We went for breakfast, ate ice-cream, and picked up our wedding rings.

5. A day of Domino's pizza and Luke Cage on Netflix.

6. The grey and cooler days we've been having this past week, it's fuelling my excitement for autumn.

7. Polaroid pictures of fun little moments.

8. Late night walks.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Made Me Happy This Week


Well, the heat continues this week. Are you still enjoying it? I really am, I'm enjoying all the time we're able to spend outside, and how late we can sit in the garden at night, without feeling cold. Although, I'd be lying to you, if I said I wasn't getting excited for autumn a little bit now. A few bit's like jumpers and boots are starting to sneak in to the shops and I'm all for it! It's also hard not to get excited for autumn, when our wedding is at the end of October. That seems so close now! Scarily close, in fact. We haven't even been berry picking this year yet, things need to slow down. In other news, I have been trying to get one of those custard tarts from Costa, since the Saturday before my birthday...and I've had no luck! I might make it my mission this weekend to track one down. What are your plans?

1. Having a drawer full of homemade ice lollies. It's lovely being able to make any kind we like, and have them there when we want them.

2. My 'SUMMER' bag from Kurt Geiger. I love it! It's the perfect size, it's bright red, and goes with my mostly black wardrobe.

3. St Tropez Purity Mousse. It's given my paler than pale legs, a nice summer glow.

4. We bought plant's for the garden, with the money Paul's gran gave me for my birthday, and they are doing so well! The colours are so bright, and they're attracting loads of bee's.

5. Spending late summer evenings down by the sea (and trying to keep our chips away from seagulls).

6. Building mini me and Paul in the Lego store. I think they look just like us! Paul obviously doesn't have a pirate leg in real life, and I'm not sure I've ever seen him hold an axe that size. The beanie hats on point though!

7. Looking at paint colours for the bedroom.

8. Picking our first bunch of peas from the garden! There will be a few more ready tomorrow, so that will be the veggies for dinner sorted.
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