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Friday, 13 July 2018

Made Me Happy This Week


Paul's dad is currently upstairs, making a lot of noise. He's taking off our old bedroom window frame, and replacing it with clean plastered edges. When it's all finished, and we've stripped off the wallpaper, we will finally be able to decorate the bedroom...I can't wait! But what's more exciting, is that we will get to order our new bed, and mattress. I can't stand our current one! We bought it for moving into this house, and ordered it online because we needed one in a hurry. I hate it. I really do, so I can't wait to go out and find something so insanely comfortable, that I'll never want to get out of bed.

1. I finally got another custard tart from Costa! I also found out that the reason I was struggling to find them, is because they only really serve them in the morning. So, that's good to know.

2. Our little goat friend from the berry farm. He had the softest little velvet nose.

3. Cheese, crackers and chutney for dinner.

4. A spontaneous day out in Edinburgh, with two of my very favourite people. We went for breakfast, ate ice-cream, and picked up our wedding rings.

5. A day of Domino's pizza and Luke Cage on Netflix.

6. The grey and cooler days we've been having this past week, it's fuelling my excitement for autumn.

7. Polaroid pictures of fun little moments.

8. Late night walks.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Made Me Happy This Week


Well, the heat continues this week. Are you still enjoying it? I really am, I'm enjoying all the time we're able to spend outside, and how late we can sit in the garden at night, without feeling cold. Although, I'd be lying to you, if I said I wasn't getting excited for autumn a little bit now. A few bit's like jumpers and boots are starting to sneak in to the shops and I'm all for it! It's also hard not to get excited for autumn, when our wedding is at the end of October. That seems so close now! Scarily close, in fact. We haven't even been berry picking this year yet, things need to slow down. In other news, I have been trying to get one of those custard tarts from Costa, since the Saturday before my birthday...and I've had no luck! I might make it my mission this weekend to track one down. What are your plans?

1. Having a drawer full of homemade ice lollies. It's lovely being able to make any kind we like, and have them there when we want them.

2. My 'SUMMER' bag from Kurt Geiger. I love it! It's the perfect size, it's bright red, and goes with my mostly black wardrobe.

3. St Tropez Purity Mousse. It's given my paler than pale legs, a nice summer glow.

4. We bought plant's for the garden, with the money Paul's gran gave me for my birthday, and they are doing so well! The colours are so bright, and they're attracting loads of bee's.

5. Spending late summer evenings down by the sea (and trying to keep our chips away from seagulls).

6. Building mini me and Paul in the Lego store. I think they look just like us! Paul obviously doesn't have a pirate leg in real life, and I'm not sure I've ever seen him hold an axe that size. The beanie hats on point though!

7. Looking at paint colours for the bedroom.

8. Picking our first bunch of peas from the garden! There will be a few more ready tomorrow, so that will be the veggies for dinner sorted.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Iced Coffee Pops


One of my favourite hot weather treats, has to be a nice chilled iced coffee. When it starts to warm up, It's all I want in Costa. I'm not one for hot drinks to cool down...give me cold over hot in summer any day! Costa vanilla iced lattes are my absolute favourite, and if I'm drinking anything other than water, it'll be one of those. Apart from maybe some proper lemonade, I quite like that too. 

The problem with an iced latte though, is that I drink them SO quickly, they're gone in minutes. So, this summer I've been making iced coffee pops! They last much longer, and it's a great treat to help cool down. 

I'm a huge fan of Costa coffee, it's my favourite! So I've been making mine with homemade Costa espresso and adding some hazelnut syrup for a change from my usual vanilla. And...because they're homemade, you can add any flavours you like, and as much of as little syrup as you like. You could even try adding coffee beans for a bit of texture. 

They are very simple to make, you will need:

Lollipop mould, any you like.
I use this one, but this one is similar.

You're favourite espresso
Full fat milk
Flavoured Syrup

I can't give you exact measurements because it will depend on what mould you're using. My mould makes ten 90ml lollipops, so I made my coffee up to give me 900ml. 

I use 250ml of espresso, 400ml of full fat milk, 5 teaspoons of syrup, and made the rest up with water. Fill the lolly moulds, and then leave them to freeze overnight. They are a nice change from ice-cream or fruity lollies, and perfect to have in the afternoon, instead of your usual cup of tea or coffee. 


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