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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Iced Coffee Pops


One of my favourite hot weather treats, has to be a nice chilled iced coffee. When it starts to warm up, It's all I want in Costa. I'm not one for hot drinks to cool down...give me cold over hot in summer any day! Costa vanilla iced lattes are my absolute favourite, and if I'm drinking anything other than water, it'll be one of those. Apart from maybe some proper lemonade, I quite like that too. 

The problem with an iced latte though, is that I drink them SO quickly, they're gone in minutes. So, this summer I've been making iced coffee pops! They last much longer, and it's a great treat to help cool down. 

I'm a huge fan of Costa coffee, it's my favourite! So I've been making mine with homemade Costa espresso and adding some hazelnut syrup for a change from my usual vanilla. And...because they're homemade, you can add any flavours you like, and as much of as little syrup as you like. You could even try adding coffee beans for a bit of texture. 

They are very simple to make, you will need:

Lollipop mould, any you like.
I use this one, but this one is similar.

You're favourite espresso
Full fat milk
Flavoured Syrup

I can't give you exact measurements because it will depend on what mould you're using. My mould makes ten 90ml lollipops, so I made my coffee up to give me 900ml. 

I use 250ml of espresso, 400ml of full fat milk, 5 teaspoons of syrup, and made the rest up with water. Fill the lolly moulds, and then leave them to freeze overnight. They are a nice change from ice-cream or fruity lollies, and perfect to have in the afternoon, instead of your usual cup of tea or coffee. 



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