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Friday, 20 July 2018

Made Me Happy This Week


Did I tell you we've started decorating the bedroom? Well we have! The horrible old plastic window frame has been ripped off, and has been replaced with clean lines and a new windowsill. I've been filling, plastering, all around the now, frame less frame, making it look as nice and neat. Fun Fact: I love plastering around windows, and sanding down edges afterwards. It's just so satisfying to see it all smooth and perfect at the end. So, once that's done, the furniture will be moved and we will strip the wallpaper, Paul's dad will be adding a couple of new plug sockets, and then we will paint! I can't wait. Although, since we've now also decided to tidy the hall too, I've given myself quite a lot of work to do, all before October. Hopefully there are no problems with the DIY, or wedding planning.

1. Having homemade raspberry lemonade, in the fridge.

2. The funny way Sookie lies on the sofa, she has little frog legs.

3. While it's making my decision on what to wear today, difficult. It's actually lovely to have a day of rain. The plants need it!!

4. Adding fresh peas to pretty much every meal right now. We've done so well with them, and Paul's learnt quite a lot for when it comes to planting them again.

5. Putting together a menu for a little New York nights we're having this weekend. It's a chance to chat about the week, and see what things everyone wants to do while we're there.

6. Sending off some more wedding things. Each time we do something, I feel a little more organised.

7. Sitting in the garden with a cup of tea, watching the bee's and butterflies. Also, thinking about getting more plants.

8. Making list's when it feels like there is just far too much to do.

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