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Friday, 27 July 2018

Made Me Happy This Week

{look at those back legs!}

Are you all still surviving the heat? It's hot here today, so I feel for you guys in an around London...not sure how you're dealing with the crazy temperatures you're having. I am still loving it though. I've never wanted ice-cream so much in my life, honestly, any excuse will do for me to have some at the moment. Last Sunday we had New York Night! It was a night dedicated to our wedding trip, and a night to go over the plan with everyone there, and basically just get organised and excited. We had a table full of American food, Paul made his interpretation of Shake Shack, with recipes from the book I got him at Christmas. We had chicken and waffles, frozen custard, mac n cheese, and pumpkin pie. We ate far too much, but it was such a good night, and we finished it, with a plan in place, and a few things booked. It's now less than 3 months until we leave, and less than 3 months until the actual wedding day. It's all so exciting.

1. The Incredible's, we waited for 14 years (that's right, isn't it? 14?) and it was well worth the wait. Such a fun film, if you haven't seen it, you'll love it.

2. Having Nutella ice-cream in the fridge and using the hot evenings as an excuse to eat more of it.

3. Booking and organising so many little things for New York, the last week's been quite productive. Things like tickets for the Statue of Liberty, and everyone's ESTA's. I was feeling a little unorganised before the weekend, but that's made me feel better.

4. Oh! I had my hair cut! Now I realise that for most of you, that's a regular thing you do. But, I haven't been to the hair dressers in over 8 years!! I was so nervous, but the girl was lovely and I'm so pleased with it. I didn't have much taken off the length though, so it's still near my bum.

5. The breeze blowing through the house at the moment, it's making the crazy temperatures quite pleasant.

6. Polka Dots. I've bought two new polka dot dresses this year, and they are currently my summer wardrobe favourites.

7. Living my very best life, and getting to use my label maker. Some may think me sad, but I love any opportunity to use it. I ordered some plastic folders to keep all of the wedding and New York paper work nice and tidy, and now they're labelled too.

8. Left over Mac n Cheese for dinner. So good with green Tabasco.

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  1. Omg 8 years!! I bet that must have been nice to get a trim :) x


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