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Friday, 12 October 2018

Made Me Happy This Week


Ok. So, I think it's safe to say that the nerves are setting in now. Maybe because after this weekend is over, it'll be a week or less until we fly!! How? How is it here, how is it possible that so much time has gone by so quickly? I'm feeling pretty organised though, Paul and I are on top of it all, and tonight, we're going to sit and plan where we want to eat, on what days, and book a few restaurants. Oh! And yesterday I picked up my dress!! It was the first time I'd tried it all on together, and with it completely finished. The last few times it's been pinned together, and I've not really been able to move, from fear of stabbing! It feels so much more real now, now that our outfits are hanging upstairs, and all the bits and pieces that go with it are here too. Not long now!!

1. Realising how much Lego we have in the attic, and how excited I am to build some when we  have time over Christmas.

2. Chilli on the coldest of grey October days. If only I'd had chilli cheese cornbread to go with it. *note to self, must make some soon! 

3. Using my mum's treadmill, because I don't like the gym, and it's too cold to go and walk outside!

4. Halloween chocolates! I've eaten far too many, and we're nowhere near Halloween.

5. The cold rainy weather. Not going to lie, it's not so great when you're rushing around outside in it, but, it's so nice to come home and get cosy and dry.

6. Mac n cheese with Paul's brother and his girlfriend. It was very tasty, and the little bread things with it were just as good.

7. Morning cuddles with my favourite little fluff.

8. The leaves currently swirling around my garden.

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