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Friday, 19 October 2018

Made Me Happy This Week

(see you soon, New York!)

Oh. My. God. It's here. It's the weekend before we leave and I am feeling very anxious. I'm obviously exited, but I get anxious when we leave to go anywhere. You know, in case I've forgotten something, in case I didn't do something important...but I'm sure it'll all be fine! I'm trying to make sure this weekend is nice and relaxing. We have everything we need (I think!), and we have all the bits and pieces you usually take on holiday. So after a couple of manic weeks of running around and appointments, it'll be nice to end them with a couple of calm relaxing days. I'll be fine when we get to the airport, there's nothing you can do at that point. If you've forgot accept it, or buy another. That's it. So, apart from giving the house a tidy up, we're done, and next we'll be married!!

1. Showing my Auntie and little cousin my dress, they loved it, and we stopped at a cafe for a little cake and coffee.

2. Being spoiled by friends and family at the moment. Everyone is being so kind and generous, it's really very sweet.

3. My little fluff! She makes me so very happy, I'm going to miss her so much while we're away.

4. White chocolate covered hazelnuts, from Aldi. They're very good!

5. My new shampoo. It's the one my now hairdresser uses on me, and it's 96% natural. My hair feels so clean and soft, and it doesn't leave a build up like most others.

6. Picking Paul's brother and his girlfriend up from the airport. They've just returned from New York! They had a great time, although said it was quite cold!

7. The wardrobe I've planned for New York. I'm so pleased with it!! However, if it's that cold, I may have to rethink some of it.

8. The low sun as we walk around Edinburgh. Coffee in hand.

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