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Monday, 8 October 2018

Saturday at the Pumpkin Patch


(mom jeans, mustard coat, and white t-shirt -all Topshop) 

We made quite an early visit to the pumpkin patch this year. It feels so early, we usually visit closer to Halloween, but we were out, we knew that the pumpkins at the farm were read for picking, my coat was the perfect autumnal shade, and, well...why the hell not! It was also mid afternoon, and we all know that time of days calls for cake of some kind. We had scones instead, warm with butter. I love the cafe and shop at Craigies, the food is wonderful, the cakes are far too good, and the jars of chutney you can buy are the best! Although we did manage to leave without any this time. We're saving that for closer to Christmas.

They have some amazing pumpkins this year! I'm not sure if they're new this year, or if we were too late last time, and missed out on them. When I spotted my little grey one, I literally ran over and grabbed it. It had to be mine! I love the traditional orange pumpkins, but there's something so special about all the other shapes, sizes and colours. The second one that came home with us was pale yellow, almost white in places, and looks great sat with it's little grey friend. Our third and last pumpkin wasn't actually for sale, so I pleaded with the woman at the till to let me buy it. The cafe was decorated with tiny little pumpkins, and on the table across from us, was a pretty little white one, that was so smooth and round, that I thought it was fake at first. When we were paying for the others, I asked her if I could have it, took her to see it, and she very kindly let me take it home. It honestly made my day!

I'm not sure if we'll be back this year. We might make another trip for coffee and cake, but we won't be buying anymore pumpkins, seeing as we wont be here for Halloween this year.



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