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Sunday, 7 October 2018

Sunday Mornings with Breakfast in Bed


If there's a day most suited to breakfast in bed, it's definitely Sunday. The slowest day of the week lends it's self perfectly to a long lie in, and slow leisurely breakfast, in whats probably the most comfortable spot in the house.

Sadly, our Sundays right now are more on the busy side! We've been pretty organised, but there as so many last minute little things we have to do for the wedding or the trip, and most of these we have to do at the weekend. So we're missing out on those lazy mornings, when you stay in your pyjamas, take the coffee back up to bed, catch up on Netflix, and eat flaky pastries while trying to keep the crumbs from getting in the sheets.

For those days when we can enjoy a lazy morning in bed, it's nice to make more of an effort with breakfast than we usually would. It's nice to make a tray look beautiful, and have things you can continue to pick at once you've "finished" -like you do at Christmas time, when you just continue to snack even after you're full. (I can't wait for left over roast potatoes). Some of my favourite breakfasts in bed are pancake or waffle fingers, with warm Nutella and fresh fruit. Pastries are always a good option, cinnamon rolls, or fresh croissants. And a tasty bowl of porridge is always welcomed by me! At this time of year my favourite toppings are spiced apples and nuts, or Nutella, I'll have that with anything.

Today, our Sunday looks after from it does in that picture. We are clearing out the spare room, and painting skirting boards in the hall. I hope your Sunday is a lot more relaxed than ours...enjoy!



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