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Monday, 15 October 2018

Wedding Gifts


I've had to wait until now to share this post, just in case it ruined the surprise for anyone. We wanted to give the friends and family joining us, little gifts, but didn't want to go down the road of the more traditional jewellery, or ...actually, I don't know what other traditional gifts would be.

Anyway, as this is a trip to New York as well as a wedding, we thought the best gift we could give, would be something to help capture all the memories that'll hopefully be made. We came up with the idea for gift boxes, containing a few little things, and kind of sticking to a theme. We found really lovely craft paper photo albums in Paperchase, and then we had the idea to get disposable cameras! When was the last time you used one of them?! We haven't, in a loooong time, so we have one each too! After that, the boxes came together quite easily.


The boxes include...

a photo album
a disposable camera
photo corners
New York scrap book stickers x2
a Pritt Stick
black Sharpies
metallic Sharpies
tea and coffee

The last few things aren't obviously to do with the photo albums, but we thought fun little additions because of the trip we're taking. Tissues, of course, for if there are any tears at the wedding, Compeed, because there is a lot of walking in New York! The chocolate is a treat for the flight over, or to keep in the hotel room, and the tea and coffee, is just because, who doesn't love a cup of tea after a long day. Doesn't matter where I am, I always love a cup of tea! Although, saying that, I do go a little coffee mad in NYC. One of our friends specifically, he's been to New York before, and was going crazy without his Tetley in the morning, so hopefully he'll be pleased.

We chose boxes that match the albums, again from Paperchase, black tissue paper to match the inside of the boxes, and most excitingly of all...I got to use my label maker! There just aren't enough opportunities in life to play with that thing.

They were really fun to put together, i'm really glad we chose to do them. Now, all we have to do, is give them out tonight. Fingers crossed everyone likes them!



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