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Monday, 23 September 2019

Autumn - New Beginnings

Autumn always feels like a time for new starts, new beginnings, there is always a change in the air so full of excitement, and I want to embrace all of it! The world looks so beautiful for these few weeks that I can't help but take a thousand pictures of leaves, sunsets and pumpkin decorations. My head is so full of recipe ideas, that I want to spend whole weekends in the kitchen. I want to decorate the house, buy baskets full of candles and walk through crushed leaves in my boots.

Autumn is the time that inspires me the most, so it felt only right to pick things up again today.


Hi there, my name is Shelley and I used to write here. I used to share recipes, things I'd been buying, talk about places I'd been and things I'd been doing. Sometimes there would be chatty posts, and sometimes they would be posts full of pretty pictures to look at, and then, - well, I'm not sure what happened.

I think I simply lost my voice, and my creative energy, I didn't know what to say, or more so, what this blog actually was.

I got a little wrapped up in the fact that everyone wants a definite brand, an image, and if you're writing a blog it should be about one thing, it should have a theme, a direction. My blog started to feel a little off, it felt wrong. That horrible beast of comparison started to pop up constantly, and I felt I wasn't good enough. It felt as if it didn't have a place or a purpose and that sinking feeling of "well, no one will want to read my posts" would take over when I looked at the keyboard. I got into a bad head space with it all, I convinced myself that I couldn't post my recipes because I also talked about beauty products I'd just bought from Space NK, and then all that really happened was that I stopped posting anything at all.

I started this blog so I had a place to write, share and create...and that's all I want to do. I'm really not sure why things took such a heavy turn in my head, why I started to feel the way I did about it...but no more! I miss it, I miss this, tapping away at the keys, planning pretty pictures and talking to whoever want's to listen, about what I'd like to share. 

I know could have just started posting again today without even a mention of this, but I think it's good to take stock of these things. To realise they are happening, and make a conscious effort to make a change. It felt odd to be away for the best part of a year, giver or take a few days here and there, and to then start chatting again without saying anything,

So, at the very beginning of the season of change, lets start again. And on a Monday too, does it get more pleasing than that?


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